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Introducing Standard Bank’s new FREE Property Valuation Guide, #LookSee
Community Coordinator

If you’ve ever tried to find out how much a house that you are interested in, costs – you’ll know that this is not an easy thing to do. To help with this, Standard Bank has launched a free Property Valuation Guide, LookSee - to help make the home buying or selling experience a little easier - whether you are a private Buyer/Seller or a Real Estate Agent.


LookSee is a digital platform that allows you to search for a property, by using its physical address and seeing what it’s valued at. You are now able to compare the value of up to 3 properties at a time and well as download or save a Report, to refer to later. This report includes; a property’s current value, the average property value in the area and the cost of owning the property as well (including estimated attorneys’ fees, rates and taxes, insurance etc.).


Here are some of the benefits of LookSee;

  • Property Buyers will now have peace-of-mind, knowing that the property they are keen on buying is not over-priced,
  • Property Sellers will know what their property is worth, enabling them to set the right purchase price,
  • For Estate Agents, this guide brings in the transparency that they seek, when facilitating the setting of a property selling price.

This service is available to Standard Bank customers and non-customers alike - for free, and there is no obligation on you to register when you use it. If you are however interested in applying for a Home Loan, a Building Loan or seeing how much you may qualify for – you can do so by visiting our Home Services page for more information.


Happy Shopping!