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Introducing the Ideas section of the Standard Bank blog
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How do you think we can improve our service for you? Have your say on the Ideas section of this blog. We understand that listening to our clients is just as important as talking and engaging with them. This is why we’ve implemented a platform where our customers are invited to share their ideas on how we can enhance our services, making the Standard Bank experience a positive and pleasant one.

This innovation has come shortly after we were awarded the Ask Afrika Orange Index award for the best bank in customer service. We know there is still a lot of room for improvement and we want to continue to grow, improve and move forward in keeping our clients happy with what we have to offer as well as how we communicate with them. This blog is another step towards ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

For more information about the Ask Africa Orange Index award, visit our Social Media Release or if you have an idea you would like to share, please visit our ideas section of the blog.

Please note, the Ideas section of this blog is not the correct platform for complaints. If you have a complaint or query, please send it to our Customer Relations Team.

To share your ideas click on the “Ideas” tab above or visit:

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I just had an idea 💡 how about you make it easier for customers and make them be able to switch on banks like Sim swap but a bank swap... Where a person can port to standard bank from another bank without the long process of opening a new bank account

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Please give us access to reverse the an authorized debit orders. There are so many fraudulant companies that are debitind accounts without our knowledge. We would like to be able to do reversals without having to cisit the branch or calling. Thank you.