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It’s time to become #MinisterOfMyWallet
Community Coordinator

On 23 February, finance minister Enoch Godongwana will deliver his budget speech. He will set out what our financial goals are as a country and how Government plans to get there. But what about your personal goals?


While our finance ministry works to come up with a national budget plan, are you working on your personal budget plan?

We are launching our first TikTok hashtag challenge on the 21st of February 2022. We will be asking the TikTok community/audience what their plans would be if they were the minister of their own finances. What 3 things would you do if you were taking control of your money and declaring yourself a minister of your own wallet?


We’d love to know the answer, so get busy on those videos, which you can post with the hashtag #MinisterOfMyWallet.

You might be wondering what we’d suggest when it comes to taking control of your finances. As is always the case with money, there is no easy fix, no get-rich-quick scheme and no way around the hard work that financial planning involves. Taking control of your money involves setting goals, planning meticulously and budgeting carefully.



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We may not have any simple solutions, but we do have a few tips as well as some tools that can help you become the minister of your finances.

Five tips for basic budgeting

  • Gather all the information

Budgeting starts with determining how much money goes into your account each month after tax has been deducted, as well as how much goes out.  


  • Figure it out

Once you have completed step one, you can work out how much money you are left with to spend each month.


  • Work out what fixed expenses you can cut back on

Examples of your fixed expenses are your rent/bond, insurance, car payments and any debit orders you have set up. Some of these will be absolute necessities, but there may be services you can do without, for example, switching to a cheaper cellphone contract, cancelling insurance on an item you don’t really need or downgrading your internet package.


  • Work out what flexible expenses you can cut back on

Your flexible expenses are things such as food, entertainment and clothing. Some of these are things that you need, but you also have a choice regarding how much you spend on these items. Work out what you can realistically cut back on each month.


  • Do the paperwork

Write down everything in as much detail as possible in a spreadsheet or using a budgeting tool. The more records you keep, the more you will be empowered through knowing exactly what’s going on with your finances, what progress you have made and how you can improve.


Two tools to help you on your journey towards financial control


The WhatMatters app is a tool that helps you plan for your financial future and develop healthier financial habits.

It includes a Create and Build module that prompts you to think about how you and your family are generating income, a Save and Invest module that encourages you to put money away so you can reach your goals, a Live and Enjoy module that helps you live within your means, a Share and Legacy module that helps you understand the importance of managing intergenerational wealth and a Plan and Protect module that helps you and your family prepare for the unexpected.


Download the WhatMatters app now for free.

WhatMatters on Google Play

WhatMatters on the App Store


The award-winning My360 app gives you a full view of your finances by allowing you to monitor detailed information on your assets and liabilities from one versatile dashboard. You can keep track of everything you own as well as your savings and investments, allowing you to plan for your financial goals. While My360 is powered by Standard Bank, you can use it no matter whom you bank with.  

Download the My360 app now for free.

My360 on Google Play

My 360 on the App Store