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Keep your hot water flowing this winter
Community Coordinator

We’ve all seen the funny scenes on TV or viral videos where a water pipe bursts and an unlucky homeowner takes an unexpected shower right in the middle of the kitchen. It’s not quite as amusing when that happens to you.

We tend to take being able to turn on a tap and have a hot bath or wash our dishes for granted, that is, until something goes wrong with the plumbing.

Although we suggest that you trust the maintenance of your pipes and geyser to the professionals, there are certain things that you can do to help take the pressure off your geyser and identify problems before things get really bad and you have to file an insurance claim.


Avoid a burst geyser and spot leaky pipes in your home before they become a real problem.


Stabilising the temperature inside the cylinder can help to avoid a burst geyser.


  • Set the temperature at 60°C or less.
  • Have a timer switch installed.
  • Keep the temperature stable by placing a geyser blanket over the cylinder.

Listening and taking note of sounds around the house can help you discover problems with your water pipes.


  • A rattling sound in your walls could mean you have a faulty valve, which could lead to a burst pipe.
  • If you hear a hissing sound around your water services when the taps are closed, especially under the kitchen sink, you could have a leaking pipe on your hands.


Regularly checking whether your water meter keeps running when all the taps in your home are closed will indicate whether there is a leaking pipe in your home.


  • Close all the taps in your home and check whether the water meter stops.
  • If it keeps running, then there is a water leak in your home.

Avoid having cold showers this winter by looking after your geyser and pipes.


If you have to claim for insurance, claim the easy way. Download the Standard Bank App.


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