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In our race to stay a step ahead of criminals, banks continue to evolve anti-fraud systems and processes, automating them wherever possible. No bank can say with absolute certainty that it is winning the race as fraudsters continuously come up with new ideas to part people and their money. Securing your money that we hold is a two-way street. You also have a role to play in helping to make sure that your money is out of reach of criminals while in our care.


Online, everyone who has an email address faces the risk of phishing, which is when criminals use emails and websites to elicit personal banking information that sometimes even includes personal identity numbers (PIN). Card skimming is when credit or debit card information is copied and a duplicate card made. These are just two of the countless ways criminals could employ.


There are many ways to protect yourself from falling victim to these scams and we have various systems in place that provide you with additional layers of protection. For example, making sure you sign up for MyUpdates SMSes and that you read them when they come through. To check whether you are signed up to the alerts, call us on 0860 123 107 weekdays (8am to 9pm) and weekends or public holidays (8am to 4pm). We also urge you to let us know when you are travelling overseas and plan to use your cards, so that we can help to detect anything out of the ordinary.


It is also important that you ensure that you immediately report any suspicious activity to us. Once you report it you will be told of the process from there on. An investigation can take unto 7 days to conclude, where the bank will share findings with you. The golden rule is; The sooner you report it the sooner we can investigate and possibly recover all or some of your money.


Standard Bank account holders can reach our Fraud helpdesk on 0800 222 050 or +27 11 299 4701. This line is open 24/7, every day of the year.


You can read more about the fraud activities we are aware of at


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