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Leading with energy saving measures
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In just one year, our world-class Global Leadership Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, has reduced electricity consumption by 7,3%. 


The centre, which is the first building within our Standard Bank Group, and the first commercial building in South Africa to achieve the prestigious ISO 50001 certification, introduced an energy saving drive in 2015 to further reduce consumption.


Measures including changing the way we operated equipment, retrofitting inefficient equipment with energy efficient equipment, and investing in renewable energy sources. The most extensive of these initiatives included:


  • Re-examining the way air-conditioning is provided to the facility. A needs analysis revealed that some of the air-conditioning equipment did not operate optimally. Optimisation of the equipment led to 33% of the equipment being switched off, while still maintaining the indoor comfort levels personnel have become accustomed to at the centre.


  • There were two boilers with a capacity of 10 000 litres and electric electrodes of 120kW each to heat the water used in the showers in the accommodation facilities. These boilers heat the water to 55˚C, which was then supplied to the 151 bedrooms as well as the gym facility. The boilers were retrofitted with four heat pumps, realising a reduction in electricity consumption of 50%. The installation was completed at the end of September 2015, and commissioned on 15 October 2015.


  • A Solar PV system was installed and completed on the roof of the parkade. The size of the system, roughly 200kW, is enough to produce 25% of the centre's daytime electricity requirement from a renewable and environmentally friendly source. The project was completed in December 2015.

These projects, as well as changing the way we use electricity at the centre, lead to a reduced electricity consumption of 353 513KWh in 2015 alone.


Visit our sustainability website to find out more about our renewable energy efforts.  

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