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Local entrepreneur invents wifi-enabled solar powered benches
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A first of its kind in South Africa, the Isabelo smart bench is the brainchild of Louise Meek – a Standard Bank Incubator graduate. Her invention is a solar-powered bench that is wifi enabled and provides the added convenience of USB power points for charging mobile phones. It is said to be one of the most innovative pieces of street furniture created in the country to date.

The Maboneng Precinct is one of the first public spaces to experience this innovation which is currently empowering locals by giving them access to information. Located in Fox street, Johannesburg, the place is jam-packed with young people who are always on their mobile phones and will automatically benefit from this project.


This initiative is planned to expand to the rest of South Africa in order to bridge the technological gap that exists in the different parts of the country. Braamfontein and Cape Town are recent beneficiaries of the Isabelo smart bench and this will give Africans the opportunity to be part of the bigger conversations globally by simply connecting to the internet.


“We believe that Isabelo can transform public spaces into vibrant places where people can connect to each other and to the internet and in so doing affect positive change in our cities.” – Louise Meek


Follow Louise Meek or her company Isabelo wifi on Instagram and get to know more about the project.