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Looking to Africa
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Speaking at the IIF Inaugural Africa Financial Summit, Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s Minister of Finance, gave his views on the globe’s financial positioning. He ended off saying the following.

“Africa is a continent of hope and expectation. In the midst of a global economy that is still in turmoil, Africans have a new determination to leverage their recent economic success into sustained growth and development which must result in a better life for a billion Africans.”

“All of us, as diverse as we are today, have our origins on this continent. We have an opportunity to be collaborators in crafting a new era of economic, social and political developments for a continent that will play a dynamic role in global growth and development. Our ultimate goals must be sustainable growth, job creation, and alleviating poverty and inequality.”

“How the financial sector interacts with the broader economy is complex and deep, but ultimately symbiotic. In cultivating Africa’s financial system we must learn the lessons of the current crisis to encourage and establish a financial framework that works for Africa and supports inclusive growth and development on the continent.”

“I trust that your deliberations are thought-provoking and enable you to understand the dynamism of Africa and help to shape the type of financial sector that Africa needs.”