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Standard Bank understands the importance of CPD compliance and therefore working together with Pioneering Solutions Studio to provide clients with access to the MPC CPD Service Bureau as a value add to Standard Bank healthcare professionals on the CPD Compliance and Education Platform (also known as the MPC platform).

By subscribing to the CPD Service Bureau, clients who are healthcare professionals can trust the dedicated MPC support team to manage their professional compliance via the MPC platform.  The CPD Service Bureau is a comprehensive CPD management bureau service that assists medical doctors and healthcare professionals to meet their professional development requirements as set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Using leading compliance solutions powered by the MPC platform, the knowledgeable support team is entrusted to manage health care professionals’ CPD compliance.


The MPC CPD Service Bureau team will:

  • Assist with registration of profiles (if not already registered) and set up the health care professional’s MPC CPD Manager (if not already set up).
  • Obtain CPD certificates (on behalf of the health care professional) from service providers for events which the health care professional has attended.
  • Upload acquired CPD certificates to the MPC CPD Manager
  • Send bi-monthly (i.e. twice a month) CPD updates regarding the health care professional’s CPD compliance status
  • Ensure that the health care professional is fully aware of what actions should be taken to ensure that they will be compliant by their next CPD audit
  • Submit CPD Individual Activity Record to the HPCSA when the health care professional is notified of a compliance audit, on their behalf


MPC is a member company of the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and is willing to assist in CPD Management. The platform that facilitates electronic audit submission directly to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), thus enabling the ease of CPD Individual Activity (IA) Record submission once audited.

Interested clients can access more information and apply for the CPD Bureau Services on the MPC CPD Service Bureau page.

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Lebo Ramokolo
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The site didn't seem to be allowing Pharmacist's to register, it's only linked with HPCSA and not South African Pharmacy Council. Why is there bias? 

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