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Malaria affects many lives in Africa
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

The World Health Organization says about 3.3-billion people – that’s half of the world's population – are at risk of malaria.

While early diagnosis and prompt treatment are two basic elements of malaria control, prevention saves lives and can strengthen the economies of countries in which the disease is common.

Loss of productivity and increased deaths among youth are a result of malaria. This means poorer countries are most affected by malaria…and most of these countries are in Africa.

Malaria is prevalent in 15 of the 17 African countries (Lesotho and Mauritius do not have malaria) in which Standard Bank Group operates.

We found that in Nigeria and Uganda 10% of all medical scheme claims are for malaria treatment. Also, adults who fall sick from malaria have been found to miss between one and five days of work per malaria episode. They miss a similar period when caring for sick children.

In 2010, we gave our staff in 14 of those countries World Health Organisation approved nets to protect themselves and their families when sleeping. These nets are effective for up to four years.

This year, we are giving nets to the nearly 3 000 staff in South Africa who live in provinces where malaria is endemic. These provinces are Mpumalanga, Limpopo and parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

WorldMalaria Day is on 25 April each year. For more information about malaria visit