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Mimoney, the safe and easy payment solution
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So you’re joining the digital revolution and you’re finally ready to purchase the latest gadget or fashion accessory online – and mimoney, which is supported by Standard Bank, will help ensure your transact safely.

Mimoney is an easy and secure payment method which can be used when purchasing goods from a website, mobi site or call centre. By making use of Mimoney you no longer have to use credit cards or cheque books, thereby avoiding the dangers of sending your sensitive bank details into cyber space.

What is mimoney?
This simple, easy and secure product is an electronic payment voucher available in any denomination ranging from R3.97 to R10 000 (the daily limit is R1000 and the monthly limit is R10 000). Mimoney is free and you won’t be charged for any transactions made.

Have you ever received a voucher, but lost some of its value because you didn’t spend the full amount? With mimoney, this problem is a thing of the past, because the remaining amount on your voucher can be used for your next purchase. In other words, if you have R15.95 left on one voucher, but the CD you want costs R100.00, you can buy another voucher for R84.05 to make up the difference.

How to use mimoney
Mimoney can be bought from participating merchants, via electronic fund transfer at Standard Bank and other online banking facilities. You can use mimoney at exactmobile,, sterkinekor and Mr DELIVERY. This list is expected to grow in the near future.

Download the free mobile application(, and enter your mobile number and micode number to access your funds. Once you have used your mimoney voucher, a new micode and the remaining balance will instantly be sent to your cell phone. The mobile application will track all transactions made, while keeping you informed and your balance up to date.

For more information on the mimoney mobile application and other information see or call 0860 mimoney (646663).
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I suggest that Mimoney should make a deal with cellphone providers, so that it is possible to transfer Mimoney directly from prepaid accounts and contracts.
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