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New Year? Learn 5 Healthy Habits For Financial Freedom
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Becoming financially independent requires dedication and time, but above all, you need to cultivate some healthy habits that will complement your efforts. Habits such as:

• Make budgeting a lifestyle:
A budget is your estimate of income and expenditure over a set period of time. A good budget can help keep your spending on track and keep your finances under control.

• Have a long-term financial goal
You must understand that whatever you spend or invest today can have an impact on your assets 10 years from now. You should have a long term goal and follow it judiciously for a secured future. Your long term financial goals may include: getting out of debt, having enough money to go back to school etc.

• Be frugal
Make frugal choices – live by your earnings and have a tight control on your expenses. Living frugally makes you spend less than you earn, and use the difference to either pay off debt, save or invest.

• Save regularly
Forming a savings habit early in life is good practice for making consistent contributions toward your long-term goals e.g. retirement. It is never too late to start but the earlier you begin, the more you can accumulate to support your short-term goals and your long terms goals. Get into the habit today and watch your money turn into more money. (To learn more, click here:

• Invest wisely
Don’t just work for money, get your money working for you by investing it. Learn all you can about that investment especially the risks involved – there are always risks involved. Invest regularly in a diversity of places and watch your money earn more money for you. You can invest in a fixed deposit account, or in a mutual fund. (To learn more, click here:

Dropping and forming new habits takes time, be patient with yourself as you cultivate these habits for lasting financial independence.

Do you know any other healthy habit(s) that can help grow your finances? Kindly share with a comment below or reach out to us with any feedback on Twitter: @StanbicIBTC or Facebook: