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New service status page will keep customers updated
Community Coordinator

We have launched a service status page to keep our customers up to date about the status of banking services and offerings. The opt-in-based website is designed to keep you informed during an incident and is available 24/7.


This website was developed in the interest of transparency and customer service. We always endeavour to ensure that our systems are up and always running, but technology is fallible. With this tool we can keep our customers informed in real time while our teams work to fix any issues that might occur. 


Communication of any issues is immediate, and you can register to receive updates via SMS, Email or RSS feeds. If accessing from a mobile phone, turn device to landscape view in order to select the appropriate icon for the type of update you would like to receive. Registration is a simple as cutting and pasting the following link into your web browser,  and clicking the subscribe button.


Please be aware when you subscribe for email notifications, you will receive an email from   [email protected]  to confirm your subscription to the service status page. Remember to check your junk folder if you have not received the email. Click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription for real time service status updates.


Any disruption of our services impacts our customers adversely. While our teams worked tirelessly to solve the problem, we know that this is not what our Standard Bank customers expect from us.  Our service status page is a way to keep our customers informed if we should ever experience technical issues of this kind again.


Please note that it is not common practice to send our customers links. While it is a good rule not to click on links, this website is perfectly safe. Also keep in mind that as your bank we would never ask you for any personal or banking information, such as your pin number, when corresponding with you.