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Offline banking safety what to look out for
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Standard Bank Group is very serious about banking safety. Whether its online, telephonic, cellphone and offline banking we are committed to making sure that you do all of it safely.

When it comes to being safe when banking offline, we can’t emphasise the importance of not accepting any help from strangers while using an ATM.

If there is anything you aren’t sure about, rather visit a branch to find out if there is a problem with your card or the ATM. Look out for Standard Bank staff members who will have an appropriate uniform and a badge that will help you identify them.

If you are visiting an ATM here are some tips to make sure that you bank safely.

• Do not use ATMS in badly lit areas.

• If the ATM looks like it might have been tampered with, don’t take the chance. Rather report it to the branch.

• Also keep your card to yourself and hide the keyboard when punching in your PIN.

• Don’t let anyone distract you while you do your banking. Keep to yourself and avoid having conversations with strangers.

• Have your purse and card in hand, fidgeting with your purse before withdrawing money may attract criminals.

• Avoid counting money after using the ATM as this will also attract criminals

• When in doubt, contact our call centre on 0860 123 000

• When paying with your card. Never let it leave your sight. Go with the merchant to pay for your purchases.

For more tips on online, cellphone and secure banking, please visit; let us help you fight fraud to create a safer banking atmosphere and “Move Forward” together.