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Opening the door to maths and science success in 2018
Community Coordinator




Parents everywhere are invested in helping their children gain access to the right post-school opportunities. No matter where your child wants to go in life, you want to help them master the skills to get there.

Similarly, Standard Bank and powerful adaptive-learning digital app platform Siyavula recognise that exciting future opportunities can be unlocked with a strong maths and science education. This is why we’ve formed a partnership that will enable students throughout the country to reach their “nexts” – academically and, ultimately, in the working world.


Available for grades 8 to 12, students using Siyavula set their own academic goals and can practice an unlimited number of exercises at an appropriate level of difficulty. The platform offers immediate, detailed feedback, allowing learners to accurately track progress.


Exploring the platform, it’s clear that Siyavula is taking learning to the next level: the system has explored the key elements of the learning process and come up with a solution that can improve technical maths and science understanding and outcomes in the comfort of the student’s home via a computer or smart device.

As the bank that calls Africa home and is committed to driving its progress, we believe that it is within each one of us to work towards our next ambitions and successfully achieve them – with the right tools and guidance.


Those “nexts” may be as “small” as helping your child get a distinction on their maths test, or as big as seeing them successfully apply to the university of their choice. Whatever the “next”, Standard Bank and Siyavula can help you reach them with a quick, affordable solution:

For Standard Bank customers, discounts for purchase of the app are available of up to 50%. To apply for the service, just go to the Siyavula webpage.

For non-customers wanting to take advantage of this potentially life-enhancing solution, simply do the following:


We see ourselves as more than just a bank – our role in society is greater than simply the products and services we provide, and we hope to see many students and families move forward in the year ahead with Standard Bank and Siyavula, an effective tool to help students take on their “nexts” and become whatever they want to be.