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Our New Digital Banking Website
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We know you don’t have time in your packed schedule to stand in queues or click through endless websites to deal with your banking needs. Luckily, technology has given us the power to make our lives easier – this brings us to the launch of our improved Digital Banking Website.


“Our vision at Standard Bank is to deliver what matters to our customers. Through customer engagements, we’ve learned that this is the ability to do banking at the time and place of their choosing,” says Theo Skosana, Executive Head of CET and Digital Banking. “This can only be delivered through a world-class digital experience, and to create that, we needed to enable all of our sales, services and transactions online.” If you visit the website now, you’ll see the first phase of our journey towards customer-focused convenience: The new website is easy to navigate since all the information you need is in one place according to logical groupings, plain language is used throughout, and the number of pages has been reduced from 1 600 to just over 350.


Some important changes:

• You’ll need Internet Explorer (IE11) or Google Chrome to use the site.

• Internet Banking log in option: we’ve moved the button to the top right-hand corner and renamed it “Sign into your accounts”

• UCount Rewards option: the button’s moved to the top section, and we’ve renamed it “Rewards”, but you’ll still land on our UCount page.

• Forex Exchange option: you’ll find this option under the “Our Products & Services” tab.


Going forward, more and more features and functions can be added to keep up with your changing needs. Now that it’s live, more tests will be done to make sure you can continue to enjoy online banking at its best. Remember, because the path to get to our new website has changed, you won’t be able to access it through your saved bookmarks, so type in

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You are implementing fancy stuff on the new website without first putting in place some of the basics found in the old website which limits it's usefulness as far as I am concerned. For example:

The statements are not very useful as they do not have a balance column like the old website. Only the current balance is shown at the top of the page. Not user friendly.

The credit card opening balance i.e. the amount to pay off the credit card is not shown. This is only available on the old site or an emailed statement. Not user friendly. The bank advertises "55 days free credit" on its credit card but then does not show anywhere on the new website how to get this!

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Good day Standard bank you are now making things worse with upgrading the website and not placing the important features at a clear position of the website. It's been two days I cannot find the nm simple things as logging on to the internet banking. It's really not on guys. Ask those it guys building a website to make a user friendly websites that will not receive lashbacks from customers. I'm really unhappy with this website,,☹️