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Our South African sports sponsorships coming to a close
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We’ve taken the difficult decision to end some key sport sponsorships in South Africa when these contracts expire.

This means that our sponsorship agreements with Cricket South Africa (CSA), and the South African soccer teams Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates will end in May 2011.

Standard Bank Group has had a 13-year sponsorship agreement with CSA and 10-year partnerships with Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates.

These relationships have benefitted the sport, the fans and Standard Bank Group. However, we’ve taken the decision, based on our changing business priorities and goal to further improve business efficiencies across Standard Bank Group.

This was a difficult decision because of the significant investments we have made over the years in both soccer and cricket. But, we believe that this is a responsible, necessary and prudent decision to ensure that we support our business needs in the best possible way.

Standard Bank Group’s current contracts with CSA, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates will run for another six months. Standard Bank will ensure all properties receive full sponsorship and activation support until expiry in May 2011.

We will remain active in key jazz and arts projects because of the important role they play in our South Africa’s heritage.

The history of these sponsorships
We have been the official banking partner to Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates since 2001.

Our involvement in cricket since 1997 has been focussed mainly on limited overs:
• Sole sponsorship of the national South Africa ODI and Pro20 teams
• International Pro20s matches played in South Africa
• The Standard Bank Pro20 domestic series
• The Standard Bank Schools Pro20 Challenge
• Standard Bank High Performance Cricket – which includes the
Standard Bank National Cricket Academy and High Performance Programme
• Standard Bank Schools Development Programme
• Standard Bank Under 13 National Cricket Week

Partnerships with the International Cricket Council (ICC) included:
• Local Partner to the ICC Cricket World Cups held in South Africa in 2003 and the West Indies in 2007;
• Local Partner ICC World Twenty20s held in South Africa in 2007 and England in 2009.
• Local Partner of the ICC Champions Trophy held in South Africa in 2009.

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Very interesting, there must be quite a pressing matter for such a decision - no reasons that can be made public?
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Through subsidiaries and the like there are sponsorships with for instance Zimbabwe domestic cricket. Will this also be withdrawn? (and if not, is it part of your African heritage?)

Anyway well done I trust that would have an positive impact on my bank charges, calculated it at about R2,31. And that it will not affect the share price of my equity stake in the bank.

Don't you just love how we all are interconnected.

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It happens when you only focus on main stream sports sponsorships, no real ROI, only brand awareness... And let's face it, the IPL resulted in the silent death of Standard Bank Pro20 cricket in SA... Thank you for dropping Kaizer Chiefs & Orlando Pirates, it means less clutter from the 4 major banks in the SA soccer scene... ABSA Premiership, Nedbank Cup, FNB 2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship, Standard Bank Pirates & Chiefs...

Something tells me there was a change in leadership... Only keeping the 'soft' sponsorships? Jazz? Give me a break! Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS? JAZZ??? What heritage? Bold move! SA is a sports mad country... And does sport not play an important part in our country's heritage? BIG MISTAKE!

I question the lack of vision and leadership in your company's sports sponsorships department... Or were they also fired?

Improving your margins in the short run, but you'll pay the price in the long run... Good luck!
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Hi there,

Please see the full statement here:
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This issue relates to the cricket and soccer sponsorships only in South Africa. Sponsorships in other countries continue, including our involvement in CAF and the Stanbic Bank Pro20 in Zimbabwe, which is currently underway in Harare.
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Thank you for the read. Honestly you covered the topic and broadly examined all areas. If I was to write this I would have done a few things differently myself but you have definitely inspired me to get into the world of blogging. Thanks heaps for the post I really appreciate it. Have a good day and keep blogging :)
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Sad decision, sponsorships are the last thing I would want terminated as it is a healthy activity full of entertainment. Developing nations.
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Send me a 3 konths bank statement


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Requeat a bank statrment


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Hello wcarmen,


Please be advised that you can have your 3 or 6 months bank statement sent to you through your mobile banking app. All you need to do is follow these steps in order to get the document:


  • Log onto the app,
  • Tap on the tile that shows your account details and balance,
  • Under "Your documents", select "view" and choose between a 3 or 6 months statement as suitable to you. You will have the option to either download or send the statement via email.


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