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“Our money, our rights”
Standard Bank Team
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Happy International Consumer Rights Day! This year’s event concentrates on issues relating to financial services.

Worldwide, the financial sectors are one of the most heavily regulated services, but as consumers, we know that this isn’t always true for consumer protection laws.

The International Consumer Rights Day is necessary to address any issues and enforce the laws that are aimed at ensuring that companies protect our rights by providing concise and correct information, fair and honest dealings, value and good quality, and equality.

Standard Bank Group understands the importance of these customer’s rights and supports these rights in every country in which we operate.

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Poor service from Standard bank as a whole....

3 weeks ago, I called Standard Bank with regards to converting my Student Achiever account to a cheque or current account, as I am now working. The agent took my details and said I was going to get a call from the sales/finance department and they will explain the most suitable package for me.

I told the lady that this was rather urgent & if I could i would just go to the branch myself but I can't since I work Monday to Saturday.

Up until now, I have still not received any contact from Standard Bank.

Tick tick tick... I am really considering moving to FNB or ABSA for that matter.