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Portraits In Progress- Join Our Artist Acceleration Network
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journey.jpgAs South Africans we are ambitious beyond measure, but how often do we take the time to appreciate the extraordinary feats of everyday life? With this in mind, we embarked on a storytelling journey on Instagram in 2015 to highlight the small victories on the path to success. Through the eyes of Cape Town-based photographer Craig Howes and his team of storytellers, we unearthed ambition and progress all around us, hidden beneath seemingly insignificant events. And so, the image series #RememberWhatItTakes was born …


pip.jpgA taste of what we’ve seen already. See more on Instagram @standardbanksa



Inspired by the stories that have crossed our path, we came to realise that our network of Instagram storytellers needs to grow, getting us closer to the very truths that allow us to #RememberWhatItTakes. Today we launch Portraits In Progress, the expression of this vision.


Portraits in Progress will become the home for our network of storytellers – a collective of emerging creatives who have chosen Instagram as their canvas. Through their storytelling ability, we will capture a side of South Africa that has never been seen before.



How to get involved;

  • Follow @standardbanksa on Instagram.
  • Auditions will begin on Instagram through 4 fortnightly challenges – each with their own hashtag, you can enter for any or all challenges.
  • To enter, submit your photos for each challenge on your Instagram timeline by tagging us with @standardbanksa and using the unique hashtag.
  • Three winners will be selected who will win R5000 each. Before carefully selecting the fortnightly winners, we’ll be sharing some of the weekly top submissions on our handle.
  • In addition to the additional benefits below, the top submissions will be also shown at a one-night-only exhibition, hosted at the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg.


What’s in it for you?

Besides the financial incentives up for grabs, those selected to become part of this acceleration program will be empowered to highlight the incredibly complex stories of those society often renders voiceless. You will have the opportunity to tell the stories of those who never stop Moving Forward. In turn, Standard Bank will help winners by accelerating their growth as a photographic storyteller through:


  • Recognition for your work through exhibitions – virtual and real.
  • The opportunity to test your abilities across photographic techniques and disciplines
  • Networking opportunities within the greater creative community.
  • Mentorship from Instagram thought leaders and community champions.
  • Opportunities to have your work licensed or sold and remuneration for commissioned work.
  • And access to exclusive photographic opportunities.

We hope to inspire the next generation of relentless pursuers by celebrating the extra-ordinary disguised as ordinary.  Will your work be featured? 


Click here for more information about the judging process, the #PortraitsInProgress program and the terms and conditions that apply.


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