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Protect your family even after you’re gone
Community Coordinator

Everyday so many of us are inundated with SMS’s, TV ads, and phone calls of companies wanting to sell us funeral cover.


The unfortunate thing about death is that beyond the loss, it does not give you a heads-up, often striking when you least expect it. This unplanned harsh reality usually brings grieving families the added burden of having to carry a financial burden that they were not prepared for.


Losing a loved one is never pleasant but, planning for a death in the family can provide you with the peace of mind that they will be protected from financial difficulties in their time of grief.


There are various benefits of having a funeral plan and it is important that consumers do an annual review to ensure that their cover needs are adequately catered for. Buying a funeral policy is about protecting your family financially.


Funerals normally need to be organised very quickly, and often must be paid for immediately too. While the assets of the deceased go through legal procedures, funeral cover is designed to provide cash immediately, which helps the family to meet the needs that arise with a funeral.


Here are four things to consider when looking to take out a funeral plan:


Who will be covered by your funeral policy?


Is it just for yourself or do you want to include your spouse, your children your parent or grandparents? 


Can you afford it?


While it’s not the only thing you should consider, it is important to consider how much you can afford to pay each month for funeral cover.  You monthly premiums should form part of your broader budget.


Are you getting the right cover?


It’s a good idea to find out who else in the family has funeral cover and to what extent they are covered. This will help you decide between a single-member funeral plan, or a group or family funeral plan. These are each structured differently, have different pay-out options and different premiums.


What are the legal limits?


Finally, there are legal limits on the amount cover you can purchase for children.  These limits depend on the children ages and there is scope to review the cover as the kids grow older.