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Ready for Valentine’s Day?
Community Manager

The day lurks near. The pressure is mounting. The high expectations to not only impress but also create a memorable Valentine’s Day for your significant other has you trawling the internet for unique ideas...within a budget.

The truth is, most of the time, either budget or lack of creativity results in disappointment. However, don’t abandon all hope, there are still a few budget-friendly ways to appreciate your significant other without leaving you broke or land you on a money lender’s speed dial.

i) Switch off!
Between social media, the hundreds of existing apps and instant chatting all available on mobile phones, we all know people who spend a whole lot of time ‘connecting’ digitally and not nearly enough time doing so face-to-face. If this sounds like you, give your significant other the gift of your undivided attention all day. Switch off all gadgets, take him/her out somewhere and spend some quality time together.

ii) Indulge their senses
Sight. Taste. Smell. Hearing. Touch.
Be creative and indulge all their five senses. This could be as simple as taking them out to lunch, dinner or a picnic; a place with great ambience and delectable food already covers two senses. A bouquet of her favourite flowers or his favourite cologne covers the sense of smell. A musical performance or even just playing their favourite song on your phone and asking them for a dance covers the remaining senses of hearing and touch!

iii) Recreate a memorable occasion
This could be the night you first met, the best date you ever went on, the moment you realized that they were ‘the one’…Recreate that day and you could even thrown in some surprises to make it all the more unforgettable.

iv) Listen and fulfill
Has she been talking about a particular restaurant that she would like to try out sometime? Has he been planning to buy that swanky watch from that store you visited 2 months ago? People, especially women, drop hints all the time about what they would like as gifts. So think back and suss out what your significant other has been ‘meaning to get’ and surprise them with it. This gift will have an added advantage – you are sure that they will love it!

v) DIY Gift
If you would like to give your partner a unique andmeaningful gift, you could opt for a do-it-yourself present. Chances are that your house is ordinary full of items that could be re-purposed into the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. That old wooden box could be painted and turned into a treasure chest filled with mementos of your relationship journey. Does a significant other love sweet words? Create a book of things that you love about them. These are just but a few of the many sentimental DIY options available. With some online research and some creativity you could give your love a one-of-a-kind gift.

vi) Embrace technology
If you won’t be in the same town, country or continent with your significant other, that doesn’t let you off the hook….you shouldn’t want to be anyway. Record a sweet video for him/her and send it. Alternatively, you could have a Skype date, chat on FaceTime or just send each other sweet nothings throughout the day. The point is to stay connected.

At the end of the day, what really matters is spending time with your loved one and making them feel special. So don’t overthink it! Happy Valentine’s Day!