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Rediscovering your own country? #ItCanBe only in SA
Community Coordinator

Imagine you could arrive here, in Mzansi, for the very first time, free of preconceptions. 

How would you feel?


Would you be excited, confused, intrigued or a bit of all three?

Taking a minibus taxi for the first time.

Enjoying a lekker braai or a chisanyama e mnandi

Learning words and phrases that only we comprehend. 

Understanding the difference between ‘just now’, ‘now now’ and ‘right now’.

Seeing how our struggles have made us determined, hopeful and strong. 

Seeing how even in the toughest of times, we never forget to laugh. 

Would you understand that there isn’t one South Africa?

That we are made up of myriad cultures, each with their own unique heritage?

Would you see that despite our differences, our many skin tones and our array of languages, there is something undefinable that brings us together?

Would you understand that despite all we’ve gone through, we have a shared destiny and a deep need to work together to make it a reality? 

This Heritage Month, we will look at Mzansi through the eyes of an outsider. 

By understanding our complex country through his eyes, we hope we can take a step back and get a look at ourselves through a fresh, new lens. 

If our content this month allows you to view South Africa through new eyes, we’ll have done our job.

We hope you will be able to see how far we’ve come. 

How well we’ve done. 

How special we are. 

Sometimes you get so used to your surroundings that you can no longer see their magic. Sometimes it can take an outsider to allow us to truly see ourselves. 

What if this could help bring us closer together so that we can make our dreams possible?

#ItCanBe only in SA. 

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