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Safeguarding your money on the Internet
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Online Banking is one of the safest and most convenient channels through which to transact. Standard Bank customers who have adopted all of our security features have experienced unprecedented levels of security and peace of mind when transacting over the internet. Customer safety and the integrity of their banking details is our main priority.

However, it has to be said that security is a partnership between the bank and its clients. Standard Bank has gone to extreme lengths to protect customer's accounts from fraud.

Standard Bank customers are urged to adopt One Time Password (OTP) as a means to protect themselves against unauthorised access of their accounts by third parties.

The One Time Password facility is a two-factor authentication methodology, whereby the delivery of a second password occurs independently of the Online banking session a client uses.

The second password is system generated and delivered to the clients' cell phone via SMS. The OTP will be required whenever a customer needs to:
-Add or amend beneficiaries
-Make once-off payments
-Amend profiles
-Reset the customer-selected PIN and password

This will ensure that customers Online Banking transactions remain secure and private. Standard Bank urges our customers to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions when transacting over the Internet.

Standard Bank customers are urged to adopt the following security features and measure -
-One-Time Password - a unique and time-sensitive password used as added security on Online banking. The password is sent to the customer by email or SMS and is valid for one Online banking session. The OTP comes at no cost to the customer.
-My Notification - a notification service informs customers of transactions that are being carried out on the Online Banking platform. The delivery mechanisms supported are email and SMS, while the support notifications are restricted to logons, profile amendments, new beneficiary adds, amendments to existing beneficiaries and once-off payments notification.
-Payment confirmation - a notification process that informs both the payer and payee that a transfer transaction has been successfully completed.
-McAfee Anti Virus Software - Standard Bank is the only bank locally offering the McAfee range of security products, including anti virus and firewall software, as a free online service to its customers. Standard Bank can confirm that it has renewed this service for another year as a free service to customers.
-Customers are also cautioned against using PC's that they are unfamiliar with. Do not transact using public computers. Always ensure that security patches and security software is up to date.

This combination of solutions offers the customer an unparalleled selection of security features to enhance the banks ongoing security partnerships with its customers.

Customers should contact the Standard Bank Call Centre on 0860 123 000 if they feel that their personal details may have been compromised. If customers feel that they may have compromised their passwords, they will be able to change it online.