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Save money and worry less with a Smart Geyser
Community Coordinator

The cost of heating water is much higher than you think! Heating water with the average geyser accounts for 25% to 40% of your monthly electricity consumption, making it the most expensive appliance to run in your household.


In addition, 25% of geyser-related claims are due to water damage from "burst" geysers, a major inconvenience for homeowners.

Our Smart Geyser solution will help you save money on your electricity bills and stress less about potential damage to the things you love.

Consider the following benefits of having a Smart Geyser and using the Smart App:

  • You save from Day 1 on your geyser energy usage.
  • You have reduced risk of water damage from a “burst” geyser.
  • You decide when your geyser should heat your water by setting a daily schedule.
  • You can set your water temperature so it’s just right for your family – all from the Smart App.


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