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Service with a smile
Standard Bank Team
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It’s out with the old and in with the new, we’ve got a new pair of shoes. We’re working hard to improve our service, which is why we’re kicking off the heels and lace-ups and trading them for our favourite pair of takkies. We’re getting a little more speed so that we can cater to your every banking need.

This new initiative and pledge to strive for service excellence is based on a true story. With the endless lines, salary cheques and cash deposits and transactions; a branch employee from Malelane decided to wear takkies so she could serve as many customers more efficiently when the branch was at its busiest. We loved her idea so much that we decided that we’d be wearing our takkies during the busiest time at the end of each month.

We’re about service with passion and purpose; we’re about making your visit to our branches a productive one. We’re working to solve your problems and answer your questions. We’re focusing on the small things that make a big difference to you.

If you’ve noticed an improvement in our service and have seen us running towards service satisfaction, feel free to share your stories here:
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I love the idea of wearing takkies, I think it's fun, However, some of the staff members forget that they have to go to work and put on clothes as if they are going to a party. I mean who can take you seriously if you are wearing leggings with the T Shirts and your whole bust is just hanging out. It is a bank and you do need to look presentable in your takkies
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That is such a cool idea!
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Would somebody please tell me how my bank staff wearing tekkies is going to make them faster? Who has ever seen a bank clerk run anywhere in the bank?

Sure, I have no problem with them wearing tekkies, or any comfortable shoes, but really! This idea that it's helping me is just a publicity stunt.

Standard Bank, you are my bank so please go and spend my fees in better ways.
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Takkies are a good idea, but we are in one of the new branches and we aren't allowed to have tea/coffee or water at our desk, which results in additional smoke breaks, staff are having tea breaks away from their desks.

Dealing with clients while all we can think of is how thirsty we are and seeing the length of the queue and knowing I wont be able to get away to even have a sip of water, makes it quite difficult to keep that winning smile on my face.
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How about lowering/doing away with some of the fees you charge? Wearing takkies to work is pure showmanship with no tangible benefits to customers.

If you want to improve the speeds of your service staff in the banks...hire larger, competent staff compliments for the branches! Have a screen visible at the teller/enquiries queue that shows the average time it takes for a customer to be served by a staff member from when they start queuing till when they are assisted? Show clearly what your target "waiting time" is...5mins, 10mins, etc?

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Who really cares if takkies are worn or not, all we need and expect is good service!
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What a load of rubbish!! Dress code, uniform or anything else for that matter are not going to influence how fast an individual does the job they are paid to do in the first place.

Sure takkies are more comfortable than formal shoes, but I'll put my head on the block, its not going to make anything improve in an already pathetic and dreaded environment.

People's feelings of service are based on perception, and I would not want to speak to a bank manager or any individual working with my money if they're wearing takkies or T-shirts, simply because they don't look professional.

Your in business with people's money and their financial well-being. Be professional by looking professional.

Think of it this way - would you be happy seeing a pilot fly your plane wearing jeans takkies and a T-shirt? Even just takkies? I doubt it, you would think he's an amateur because of the way he looks.

Get with it Standard Bank - stupid ideas by non conforming staff who don't want to wear proper uniform are not an answer to your PR or marketing dilemmas. Keep your casual attire to team building functions and training sessions, not in the eye of the public.

Takkies will in no way increase the speed or efficiency of how someone reduces queues or resolves queries, you may as well give them rollerblades too then to get from the one side to the other. More staff, more open teller booths, opening and closing at sensible business hours, and better trained, and better motivated staff will.

The public is not as stupid or as gullible as you might think.
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This is soooo cool! I think this is a very good idea, no matter what bad comments. are left. Whatever!
As long as you can serve your customers to the best of your abilities. I am not a Standard Bank customer, but this idea just put a smile on my face. It is so good to do your job and put a smile on someone's face and have fun at the same time. Enjoy!!

Standard Bank you go for better service!!!
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The idea is excellent, I work in the service industry and know that comfort goes a long way in making me more efficient and effective in my job. You have always been my no 1 for service.
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Im an ex-bank employee and I love this idea.I know first hand how busy the bank gets at month end. Especially at the tellers and enquiries, you would stand the whole day with heels and I have veins in my legs to prove it. Offering customer service is largely based on the customer but think about it, only a healthy and energetic person can give great service, so shifting the focus a bit to the service provider would actually bridge the gap that exists in poor service delivery. So I'm up for anything that makes it more fun to actually give best client service.
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I like the idea because I'm in a profession that involves a lot of standing and walking about so i know how comfy takkies are but did you have to use our money making pointless ads?
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Takkies are great if it is going to make the staff work a bit faster. Now days everywhere you go there are queues so you are expected to wait - just sometimes it would be nice if a staff member would actually be interested in their job and does move faster. This will make a lot more people happier with the service.
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Initially, I thought what a great idea and to be honest, now thinking about it it appears as if the only benefit will be to the staff and not the customers. Staff will unfortunately take advantage and over time, you will find that the dress will become increasingly casual.

As one of your customers said, you are dealing with my money and as such, I expect true professionalism which I am not going to get from a person in takkies.
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It's cool to wear takkies, you feel comfortable and you run fast, when serving customer BUT with our uniform it becomes more complicated. I'm a Standard Bank employee and I don't feel professional with my takkies and uniform.
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Good service is always pleasant, so that is amazing idea :) Better service - more money and satisfied clients.
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I personally don’t care if your staff were takkies or flip-flops.
I expect services for the crazy, astronomical service fees Stand Bank charges.

You say “We’re working hard to improve our service” – sounds like the same [email protected] Liberty was pumping out a while back..
You are quite happy to admit that your service is poor, and yet you are quite happy to squeeze every cent you can.
Rather like a poor waiter in a bad restaurant, demanding his “TIP”

Maybe the money spent on this campaign, could have been better invested in protecting your customers from phishing emails and card fraud!
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Before you shoot me down as a bank spin doctor I do not work for a bank. We all grumble and moan about our banks services and fees but we get much worse service elsewhere and we choose to ignore it.

We need banking services every day of our lives, banking is the hub of our daily activities and it is probably used more than any other service we avail ourselves of. So its always in our minds eye, its an easy target. However, how long does your doctor or dentist keep you waiting without so much as an apology? And how do you feel being charged R150 or R200 for 10 mins of their time?

Why do we put up with incompetent lawyers and contractors?. We have come to expect bad service as standard. Maybe we don't even see someone taking up 45 minutes of our time as an issue. Wait 45 mins in a doctors room and you suck it up, wait 10 minutes in a banking line and they are the devils incarnate. They offer an extremely valuable service and rand for rand deliver a much better offering than some of the other professionals we have to endure.If we take the time to streamline our banking and interact with our money in a responsible manner then the fees become insignificant. Look at all the other costs in your life that sap your wealth and bank fees will not even feature.

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Gooooooooooooooood idea