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Sharing and networking is key to the success of entrepreneurs
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With the aim of promoting networking and knowledge sharing among South Africa’s entrepreneurs and innovators, Standard Bank in collaboration with SAINe (the South African Innovation Network), hosted the SAINe Breakfast Event at the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank on 14 July 2015.



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Standard Bank is committed to the growth of entrepreneurs and this goal is being steadily achieved through the Incubator that fast-tracks business growth with the structured acceleration modules delivered through the Ignitor programme (which focuses on assisting start-ups) and the Sw7 programme (which focuses on companies with established products and client bases). This breakfast formed part of Incubator’s approach to sharing knowledge and feedback with the participants of the Ignitor programme. 


The event revealed four insights into what it takes to do more than survive as an entrepreneur; namely:


  1. Networking is a vital part of the entrepreneurial process – it is important for businesses to talk to their fellow innovators. They could be the next big buyer of your product or service;
  2. Corporates play a vital component for the success of entrepreneurs - together, they can build successful, sustainable job-creating businesses by helping enterprisers gain access to mentors, markets and knowledge;
  3. Entrepreneurs must conduct market research and engage their chosen target market before they start building a business to ensure product/market fit - products or services must fulfil an important need, or offer a simple solution to a problem.
  4. Sharing insights, the latest trends and opportunities with other like-minded businessmen and women is crucial for entrepreneurs because what they learn from each other could go a long way in developing their own businesses.


The Standard Bank Incubators go beyond networking; they also provide business training to entrepreneurs for market access and prototyping support, ensuring the sustainability of business ventures.


For an opportunity to participate in the Standard Bank Incubator or to be included in our database for future events, send an e-mail to [email protected]