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Short and Long Term Debt Solutions
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Time has flown by so fast, can you believe that this year ends in 3 months not counting the very month we find ourselves in!


Spring is in the air and this means different things for each of us. For some it’s a summer body, for others it’s getting finances in place for that new car or home or budgeting to see how best we start saving for that holiday or maybe you asking yourself how can I be less stressed financially?


We are unique and so are our needs. We have solutions for your needs find out more by accessing our website


If you are considering some debt solution as a result of the financial strain you maybe feeling, let me confirm that you are not alone. Call us on 0860 111 400 or access our website on


What are these debt solutions and how can they help you?


The debt solution offering has short- and long-term solutions. Short term solutions refer to restructure of debt while long term solutions refer to consolidation. Every solution will therefore fit the unique circumstance and situation of the customer.


Solutions offered, differ based on circumstances and affordability.


We offer:


  • Payment Arrangements, this is where an arrangement to pay off your debt over a period is agreed between yourself and the bank. This helps free up some cash which can then be used for your other financial commitments.
  • Respreads, if you are overdue by a small amount, contact us and we can possibly assist you in removing your arrears, adding it to your outstanding balance and extend your repayment term.
  • Suspension, is an option that freezes payment over a period allowing you to sort out your other credit commitments
  • Consolidation an option that enables you to combine various debts into a single manageable account. Instead of making payments on various accounts with various interest rates, why not pay a single amount at a single interest rate?

So how does this work?


There is a quick assessment that needs to be done based on a criteria, if you fit the criteria the following will need to happen


  • An application form needs to be completed and sent to the [email protected]
  • The team will assess your circumstances and affordability and then decide on the best solution for you would be
  • Contact will be made with you to discuss the best solution/s for you, you can either accept or reject the offer. The choice is yours.


Happy spring, help yourself become financially fit by taking control of your finances before year end.



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