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Sim Tshabalala Africa Outlook for 2020
Community Coordinator
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1. A mildly optimistic note about SA’s economic outlook for 2020


“The political barriers to achieving some of these reforms don’t seem insurmountable, so I’m mildly optimistic that South Africa might grow a bit faster than predicated in 2020.”


For this to happen, the following interventions are necessary: a sustainable resolution for SAA, the implementation of National Treasury’s reform proposals which include the introduction of multi-year visas for business people, an efficient e-visa system for Chinese and Indian tourists, conclusion of the spectrum auction, energy-procurement and regulatory changes for more self-generation. And of course, improving Eskom’s operational performance.


2. Stimulate growth by expanding into other dynamic markets, including China and the rest of Africa


“More trade and more outward FDI make life better for everyone, at home and abroad.”


3. Embrace a new style of capitalism in which companies commit to:


· Paying their employees a decent wage

· Providing employees with opportunities for training and development

· Creating a dignified and inclusive working environment

· Treating suppliers fairly and ethically

· Adding social, economic and environmental value to communities


4. Climate change denialism is over!


“If we don’t want to condemn our children and grandchildren to much harder lives than our own, then we need to start fixing this right now.”


5. Companies have a moral duty to enable people to successfully adapt to the world of Fourth Industrial Revolution


“Trying to hold back technological change doesn’t work. It is both a moral and economic imperative to provide staff with opportunities to retrain wherever necessary, either to stay relevant in their current jobs or to find a new one.”


6. So, where to from here?


“To return South Africa to economic health, to ensure that our continent benefits from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to prevent a global climate disaster, what we need is a decade or two of fact-based, steady, disciplined work.”

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