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Simphiwe Phakathi says the future is here
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FBLINK.pngThere is a lot of buzz and excitement around AI and Data. It’s often difficult to tell how much is hype and what the real impacts will actually be. Simphiwe Phakathi Executive Head, Consumer Insights and Analytics for PBB Africa Regions, firmly believes the impact of AI for the banking industry will be profound and far reaching.

He believes that AI and Data have the power to change EVERYTHING. Customer needs and preferences are changing at a rate of knots, to remain relevant we need to leverage AI so that we can create exceptional customer moments and experiences that will make customers feel valued and connected to us. If we fail to leverage this opportunity, the reality is that someone else will, so effectively we have no choice.


Starting at Standard Bank 13 years ago as a Junior MIS (Management Information System) Analyst, Simphiwe seized opportunities working in Card Division, Fraud Risk Analytics largely focused on detecting and preventing card fraud in real-time. He also had experience with Inclusive Banking from a risk management perspective and heading up measurement for PBBSA, then moving on to data quality management and the giant undertaking by joining Africa regions which has largely been unchartered territory. Simphiwe has embraced the challenge and says it is a privilege of heading up Customer Insights and Analytics for PBB Africa Regions across 14 countries.


When asked what makes him so passionate about his job, he commented, “Data has the ability to help us create impactful moments for our clients. Being in the role I am in I have the opportunity to ensure this a reality not just in one country but across 14 countries. The far reaching scope of the position is what fuels my energy, helping me play a part in living up to our purpose of “Africa is our home, we drive her growth.”




Watch the IBM and Standard Bank two-day Global Elite Academy conference highlights here:

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Very interesting read I am involved in the Recruitment and HR and I see this first hand teh speed in which the change is happening, and it pains me to see young people registerign for degree that are going to be useless in 5 yrs time. It is like they wish for time to stand yet is they could explore there are many new opportunities they could grab.