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Simple safe online shopping with Virtual card
Community Coordinator

Create your Virtual Cards today for safe, convenient online shopping. You can also use it for online services like Zando, Uber and Travelstart and more.


Here is how you can create, load and use your virtual cards:


  • Step 1: Log onto the Mobile Banking App,
  • Step 2: From the home screen, tap on "more" at the bottom right hand of your screen, 
  • Step 3: Tap on "Explore Products",
  • Step 4: Tap on "Virtual Cards"
  • Step 5: On this screen, you'll find more information on the Virtual Card, tap on "get started",
  • Step 6: A new Virtual Card tile will be created on your home screen, tap on the tile to continue,
  • Step 7: A list of the available Virtual Cards will appear,
  • Step 8: To create the Virtual Card, tap on "create",
  • Step 9: For example, to create and Admyt card (which can be linked to your Admyt account) tap on "create",
  • Step 10: This next step will show information about the card, tap on "create" to continue,
  • Step 11: A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your phone, input the digits to continue,
  • Step 12: Choose a 5 digits secure code for your virtual card,
  • Step 13: On entering this, your card will be created and you will automatically be shown the next screen,
  • Step 14: A green message will confirm that your card has been successfully created, 
  • Step 15: Here you'll be able to create a nickname for your card,
  • Step 16: You can also hide and reveal your card number and CVV number,
  • Step 17: You can change your secure code at any time by tapping on Set Secure Code.


Gray Africa
Not applicable

What would be the point of this card? My cheque card can already do everything online. I am serious, I really would like to know what consumer problem you are solving with this card?

Occasional Visitor

Can I be able to use the virtual card if am using the student achiever account?

Community Coordinator

Hello Gray Africa,  


There are cutomers who are not comfortable with sharing their Cheque/Credit Card details online. The Virtual Card is a solution to that problem/ fear. It is also a solution to the Student Achiever Account holders who currently can't shop online with their Debit Card. I hope this answers your question. 

Community Coordinator

Hello MOBI,


Yes, you can use the Virtual Card when you are a Student Achiever Account holder. Please download the Standard Bank App, so you can use the Virtual Card.