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Standard Bank opens innovation hub The PlayRoom
Community Coordinator

Innovation, PlayRoomEmbodying Standard Bank’s commitment to bring innovative solutions to market, is the PlayRoom – a 1927 sq. brand new creative hub in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Opening its doors in January 2015, the space boasts clean lines, bright colours and modern, playful design. The very opposite of a corporate environment, The PlayRoom was created to bring people together to solve real-life customer challenges through collaborative innovation.


The best ideas rarely come from behind a desk or an imposing meeting room. In fact, entrepreneurs often credit their ‘eureka moments’ to collaboration or being frustrated by problem that just won’t go away.


The innovation hub is a response to constant change and challenges, spurred by technology. Instead of a Brains Trust solving problems behind closed doors, Standard Bank customers, employees and start-ups are invited to brainstorm, research and test solutions together.


The PlayRoom consists of state-of-the-art testing facilities and free-thinking rooms that allow customers to trial new innovations and provide instant feedback. This has already been used to test Standard Bank South Africa’s new generation internet banking site, launching soon.


Twenty fourteen was a year of innovation for Standard Bank, which launched South African innovations SnapScan and MasterPass – both apps that take the hassle out of shopping – offline and online. The PlayRoom promises to unearth more life changing developments that use technology to make life simpler – not more complicated.