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Standard Bank partners with TMT Finance Africa 2016
Community Coordinator

For decades, internet usage in Africa has trailed behind most other parts of the world, with the majority of online activity concentrated in just a few countries, such as Morocco, Egypt and the Seychelles. But now it seems that Africa’s digital revolution has begun.


As of 2016, Africa is embracing all that is digital, with almost half a billion African’s expected to be online in just four years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and outgoing US President Barack Obama have both remarked on Africa’s importance in this realm, with the tech mogul saying on his recent and first visit to Sub-Saharan Africa that the continent is where the future will be built. Similarly, Obama asserted a year earlier on a trip to Kenya – widely regarded as another Silicon Valley –that Africa needs to be a future hub of global growth.


With this is mind, it makes sense that international news and events provider TMT Finance will hold its first ever conference on the continent: The TMT Finance Africa in Lagos 2016 Conference aims to bring key decision-makers in African telecoms, media and technology (TMT) together in Nigeria’s capital city to network and collaborate with each other and financial industry experts.

Coming at a time of accelerated investment and innovation across Africa, the TMT Finance Africa in Lagos 2016 Conference includes panel debates, keynote speeches, peer-to-peer roundtables and networking sessions, as well as covering topics such as Telecom Leadership in Africa, Mergers and Acquisitions, Digital Africa and Mobile Infrastructure Development.

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As a leading facilitator and advisor to the telecoms, media and technology industry in Africa, and the Bank that predicted increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the sector, we partnered with TMT Finance as a sponsor for the Conference. Nina Triantis, Global Head of TMT at Standard Bank and one of the speakers at the event, says that investment and M&A in telecoms, media and technology continues to be especially active on the continent, with debt markets currently supportive of the right companies, despite macro challenges and global uncertainties.