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@Standard_Blank - Two sides to every story
Standard Bank Team
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Social media by its very nature gives people a platform from which to voice their praise or criticisms, and Standard Bank welcomes both.

Recently, a disgruntled customer has created an anti-Standard Bank twitter account (@standard_blank). In some cases, as in this instance, criticism stemmed from dissatisfaction with the way in which we handled an account. We take this seriously and have been in touch with this customer behind the scenes to try and resolve the issues raised. By trying to engage behind the scenes, we have come under fire for being ‘too quiet’, which is understandable, but we have no choice but to abide by our legal obligation to protect our customers’ confidentiality, which prevents us from having these types of conversation in the public domain. This means that resolving issues that any individual has with Standard Bank requires them to direct conversation with us outside of such public forums.

As for the anti-Standard Bank activity, we believe that everyone has the right to share and express their views in any medium they choose and we will follow with interest. However if anyone has a genuine complaint against Standard Bank and would like to try and resolve it, please contact us directly.

Our official social media presence on Twitter is @StandardBankGrp.

Our traditional channels also remain open to you. Customers of Standard Bank South Africa may call 0860 123 000 (or +27 11 299 4701 from abroad), email [email protected] or logon to our and click on our Delighted/Disappointed form. For customers in other countries, please visit and select the country in which you do business with us. Contact details are displayed there or on the country site.