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@Standard_Blank - Two sides to every story
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Social media by its very nature gives people a platform from which to voice their praise or criticisms, and Standard Bank welcomes both.

Recently, a disgruntled customer has created an anti-Standard Bank twitter account (@standard_blank). In some cases, as in this instance, criticism stemmed from dissatisfaction with the way in which we handled an account. We take this seriously and have been in touch with this customer behind the scenes to try and resolve the issues raised. By trying to engage behind the scenes, we have come under fire for being ‘too quiet’, which is understandable, but we have no choice but to abide by our legal obligation to protect our customers’ confidentiality, which prevents us from having these types of conversation in the public domain. This means that resolving issues that any individual has with Standard Bank requires them to direct conversation with us outside of such public forums.

As for the anti-Standard Bank activity, we believe that everyone has the right to share and express their views in any medium they choose and we will follow with interest. However if anyone has a genuine complaint against Standard Bank and would like to try and resolve it, please contact us directly.

Our official social media presence on Twitter is @StandardBankGrp.

Our traditional channels also remain open to you. Customers of Standard Bank South Africa may call 0860 123 000 (or +27 11 299 4701 from abroad), email [email protected] or logon to our and click on our Delighted/Disappointed form. For customers in other countries, please visit and select the country in which you do business with us. Contact details are displayed there or on the country site.
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In my experience, you can get an issue dealt with at Standard Bank, but sometimes it is mostly a matter of escalating the issue until you find someone that actually knows what they are talking about. Too many personnel at Standard Bank don't know what they are talking about, and don't take the time to listen and understand what the problems are. To those personnel who do bother, you make the difference in why I will continue to support Standard Bank (see, even in one individual there are two sides).
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Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Anonymous. We appreciate your continued support and hope to improve your experience with our customer service as we Move Forward.

Please visit our Facebook page where you can view more comments on this topic:
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As a previously dissatisfied customer who moved my accounts away from Standard Bank about 5 years ago, it is encouraging that the bank has embraced an open platform. Perhaps you will begin to really understand the needs of your customers and return to a more personalized style of banking. When a bank takes hundreds or thousands of rands a month in fees for the privilege of using our money to make money by lending it to others, the very least we expect is a relationship and perhaps a thank you!
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I am an officer in a small U.S. nonprofit that works to improve habitat for your native meerkat (Suricata suricatta). We are small, operate on the basis that all our members volunteer their time, are not compensated. We help several zoos in the U.S., several places in South Africa that provide a sanctuary for meerkats. Our web site is

We would like to raise money for these people in South Africa, but funds transfer costs are very expensive. We are not talking about large dollar amounts -- often just several hundred dollars.

I am told that Standard Bank is doing some valuable work with micropayments and supporting African economic development.

Can you recommend the least expensive way we can transfer small payments from a nonprofit in the U.S. to a bank account in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia (the three countries that touch on the Kalahari dry area) for small nonprofits or animal-assistance projects?

Note: It appears to me, from this distance, that South Africa underestimates the great value of the meerkat as a tourist draw, thanks to the Kalahari Meerkat Project, located in the Kuruman River Reserve, and the passionate interest in meerkats created by the Meerkat Manor TV series. I can introduce you to hundreds of people in the U.S.A. who burst into tears when they learned that the meerkat female "Flower" had been killed by a snake bite.

Thank you.

Gene Gaines, [email protected], Sterling VA USA

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Happy to see this issue has been sorted out. Please let us know if you have any further queries, we're happy to help.
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Well, Standard Bank has reneged on my HomeLoan Rate in violation of Contractual Law and the National Credit Act and continues to display unethical behaviour in this regard. I have sent my complaint to the highest level (CEO's Office) with no resolution in sight since Feb 2009. Nobody seems to have the will the rectify the situation and admit that a mistake was made and move on from there. I now have to move my accounts to a competitor who is willing to offer me Prime - 2% without any questions about my integrity. I have been told that I have been tamed by a "Director" of Standard Bank. Weird lack of business sense and no regerd for customer centricity and retention.
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I am totally disgusted by the way in which my mother has been treated by Std Bank! In the 6 working days that have passed they are yet to call back as they have promised to do. She has been into the bank 3 times since, all for a transaction that should take no more that 24hrs. She is to worried to put in an official complaint for fears that they will not help her any further! To make it all the more ridiculous, the consultant that she has been attempting to deal with has informed her (my mother phoned her) that she has a credit card payment outstanding and is under administration. My mother DOESN'T have a credit card!!!!! This is ridiculous, I am so disappointed in Std Bank.
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I would really like to try my best in assisting you.

Please let me know more about your mother's query and I will look into it.
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An electronic voice promised to answer my call within 5 minutes (I already freaked for waiting for 5 minutes, in this day and age). After 12 minutes "switch board" answered and told me she would put me through before I could say a word.

I did not even say I would liked to be helped in Afrikaans (she must have picked it up in my accent.)

After 18 minutes (plus) I hung up. Still not able to file my claim for broken windows.

I see into my future - I will insure my home with Outsurance and I will bank with FNB.

You need to change Standard Bank, Quickly!
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I am really disappointed in Standard Bank. I am working abroad and I am sending money to my account but have to literally beg them to credit my account with my hard earned money. Nobody has the decency to send me an e mail stating what the problem is. All the effort I put in to enquire about my money is so frustrating especially when nobody is responding with me. When I go back home I will definitely take all my money and go to a bank that I can trust. Unfortunately I am stuck with this bank for another few months.
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Hi there,

We will be in touch with you and try our best to assist.