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Stop climate change: support Earth Hour!
Standard Bank Team
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On 27 March at 8.30 pm, we will be supporting Earth Hour, a symbolic event to raise awareness around climate change.

Climate change is happening and will affect all of us in our lifetimes. There are many things we can do as a company and as individuals to reduce the impact of climate change – most especially by using energy wisely, by investing in more energy efficient appliances and by thinking before we act.

At Standard Bank Group will be turning off the lights in buildings we own around the world for one hour. You can do the same at home to raise awareness within your family.

Register your pledge to switch off your lights for Earth Hour. It will help pressure on world leaders to pass legislation on climate change. Go to
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Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
We supported Earth Hour on 27 March by switching off as many lights and plugs as possible in the 33 countries where we operate.

At Standard Bank Group, supporting Earth Hour is a natural extension of our fight against climate change and we’re thrilled to be able to continue to spread awareness to individuals, small businesses, corporate and governments.

We are often asked, “What can a financial services organization contribute to the fight against climate change?”

Standard Bank Group is an advocate of sustainability. We know that the key to the success of the African continent is sustainable development based on sound socio-economic and environmental principles.

We do our bit by focusing on our sensitive approach to energy in our day-to-day operations, right down to energy efficient design of our buildings and even our carpooling initiatives. We’re also a leader in carbon trading.

Standard Bank Group’s sustainable development principles are covered in our annual Sustainability Report. The 2009 report will be available end-April this year. Feel free to look at our last report on