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Students! Take on our IT Challenge
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

Are you and your friends IT wizards? Do you have what it takes to try your hand at Standard Bank’s annual IT Challenge?

Every year we run the Standard Bank IT Challenge for students in South African varsities. This year’s challenge kicks off with heats on 13 March at several campuses around South Africa. The finals will take place at our head office in Johannesburg on 15 April 2010.

We use the latest technologies to develop and maintain systems that support Standard Bank Group’s (SBG) global business. So do you have what it takes?

If you are gifted in the problem-solving department and work well in a team, then the IT Challenge is tailor made for you. Who knows, your team might be crowned the IT boffins for 2010.

Working in a team of four, students will need to tackle a series of hypothetical problems within four hours, this time will be extended to six hours during the finals.

It is tough going. So tough that over the years no team has ever completed all the questions correctly within the allotted time. So be prepared for a challenge, it’s going to be intense.

Get all the details you need here:

To follow this great challenge closely, visit
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
Teams from the following universities do battle in the finals of the Standard Bank IT Challenge at Standard Bank Group’s head office in Johannesburg:

· Rhodes (Grahamstown)
· Cape Town
· Western Cape (Cape Town)
· Stellenbosch
· Wits (Johannesburg)
· KZN (Durban)
· Nelson Mandela Metropolitan (Port Elizabeth)
· Pretoria
· Limpopo (Polekwane).

We wish all the teams the very best as they tackle a series of hypothetical problems in the six-hour-long final challenge.

Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
The winners for the IT challenge are as follows:

First place: Stellenbosch
Second place UKZN
Third place UCT
Not applicable
Horrible Horrible Horrible place.

It seems you change your rules where and when you want. No consistency or ethics accompany your bank or your staff.

I have been participating in your IT Challenge for the fourth time this year and only now you decide to take up issue with the fact that I am not a South African permanent resident?? If it was in your rules and you imposed it from the start, I would not have been offended.

Please do not let me compete in the first place instead of let me compete sometimes and not others and get my hopes raised. When your mood changes you apply one rule and others you ignore. I see this as a clear xenophobic attack.

Do you think this challenge provides competition for the best and encourages problem solving if your criteria is based on race and nationality? You are grossly mistaken if you think this is fair and legal.

Also, I pay double fees in my university just because I am not from your country. How can you deny me my right to education if I am even compensating you and your government double the amount? If I am good enough to enter the national stage for your competition this means that there is nobody from your country that deserved the place any more than me.

This is the attitude and impression I will take with me of South Africa and South Africans. Good luck with your mediocre agendas.