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Sweet tooth drove bursar to achieve
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Luyanda Dlamini completed Grade 12 at Umlazi Comtech High School and thanks to a full bursary from Standard Bank Group is reading a Bachelor of Business Science (Computer Science) at University of Cape Town (UCT).

We asked Luyanda to tell us more about himself, his choice of subject and what get’s going.

- What did you enjoy most about school and what pushed you to achieve?
I went to a township school with limited resources and overcrowded classes where most students come from poverty stricken homes. I think being at school with our close friends and loving teachers allowed everyone to forget about the challenges we faced back home. I personally enjoyed reading and participated actively in class. I always strived to be the best academically and enjoyed the so-called ''difficult subjects'' maths and physics.

- How did you choose your university and your course?
In grade 8, the spending money I got from home was not enough to buy any sweets. So to be able to afford this treat I used to walk to school and buy snacks and sweets with my taxi money. I then sold them in class during the study period.

The profits I made allowed me to buy whatever I wanted and I saved the little money that was left. From this I developed a habit of saving and became business minded at a young age. This ultimately influenced my degree choice. I got my first computer in 2007 and have loved computers ever since, that is why I chose to combine my love for computers and business in my degree choice. UCT is the only university offering my degree choice and well, is the best in the country so it really had no competition.

- If is the start of your university life. What are you looking forward to most?
The transition into being fully independent and forming new bonds with people from all over the country is exciting. I also want to fully develop my leadership skills while at UCT so that I can be an effective leader in future and possibly improve the lives of others.

- Who is the person that has most inspired you in your life?
My mother. After my father lost his job in 1998 my mother started a day care centre as a means to put food on the table. She has since then gone to university and is now a qualified teacher. She is the one who supported me financially throughout my schooling and continues to act as a source of inspiration to this day.

- How does it feel to be part of the Standard Bank team?
It makes me feel like I am part of a very big family and have people I can go to whenever I need help. Standard Bank has made me want to work as hard as I can so that I may be able to also one day look back and give help to those who have been less fortunate than I have.

- What words of wisdom would you share with other students?
Delay gratification. Work hard first and enjoy the rewards afterwards.

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