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The A-Z of global companies to invest in on Shyft (part 2)
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From the makers of plant-based meat substitutes to cannabis producers, games creators and ride-sharing groups, these are the global companies you will soon be able to invest in – anytime, anywhere, directly from your mobile phone – on Shyft, with even more options to follow.    


(...continued from part 1)

Mastercard Inc.

US-based multinational financial services corporation that processes payments between merchants’ banks via its branded debit, credit and prepaid cards. Aside from its famous credit cards, Mastercard also provides cyber and intelligence services, consulting and processing solutions.


McDonald’s Corp.

Another household name, McDonald’s is a fast food company with over 69 million daily customers in over 100 countries, making it the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. It’s also one of the world’s biggest employers and boasts one of the world’s highest brand valuations.


Medtronic Plc

Irish-based American medical device company that operates in 140 countries, developing devices and therapies that treat a range of chronic diseases (ranging from diabetes to Down Syndrome, heart failure and chronic pain). Medtronic consistently ranks as one of the world’s biggest medical device companies by revenue.


Micron Technology Inc.

US tech company that produces computer memory and data storage devices, including flash drives, SD cards and solid-state drives.


Microsoft Corp.

One of US tech’s Big Five companies, Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells personal computers, consumer electronics, cloud computing solutions and computer software, including its famous Windows operating system. Microsoft is routinely one of the world’s most valuable publicly traded companies.


Netflix Inc.

US-based over-the-top content platform and production company, best known for its subscription-based streaming service. With nearly 200 million paid subscriptions worldwide, it’s one of the largest entertainment companies by market cap.


Nike Inc.

US-based multinational sports apparel, equipment and accessories corporation. One of the most valuable sporting brands, Nike is the world’s biggest athletic shoes and apparel supplier.






NIO Inc.

Chinese car manufacturer specialising in electric vehicles. While it’s perhaps best known for its involvement in Formula E motor racing, NIO has a growing range of production cars and SUVs.


Nvidia Corp

American multinational tech company specialising in graphics processing units for the professional and gaming markets, and in system on a chip (SoC) units for the mobile computing and automotive markets. Nvidia’s expansion into parallel processing has seen it become a significant player in supercomputing.


PayPal Holdings Inc.

US tech platform and digital payments company that enables payments on behalf of merchants and consumers. PayPal’s solutions, which include PayPal, Xoom and Venmo, enable customers to pay for goods, transfer money and withdraw funds.


Performant Financial Corp

US-based, tech-enabled business services company specialising in the recovery of delinquent or defaulted assets and improper payments for government and private clients.


Pfizer Inc.

American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, engaged in the discovery, development and manufacture of healthcare products. Its Innovative Health business develops and commercialises medicines and vaccines, while its Essential Health business includes legacy brands, branded generics, contract manufacturing and R&D.


Philip Morris International

Multinational cigarette and tobacco company featuring brands like Marlboro, Bond Street and Chesterfield. PMI spun off from Altria in 2008, and is regarded as one of the five companies that make up Big Tobacco.


Pinduoduo Inc.

Chinese mobile e-commerce platform operator, offering individual and team purchase options. While it offers a broad range of product categories, Pinduoduo is best known as China’s biggest agriculture marketplace, connecting farmers and distributors to more than 700 million active buyers.


Pinterest Inc.

American image-sharing social media platform that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections and share inspirations for their lives. The site claims over 400 million monthly active users, which it connects with brands based on their shared interests.


Procter & Gamble Co.

Multinational consumer goods corporation with sales in approximately 180 countries and territories. P&G operates in five segments (Beauty; Grooming; Healthcare; Fabric & Home Care; and Baby, Feminine & Family Care), with brands including familiar names like Old Spice, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Pantene and Febreze.


ProPhase Labs Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic and healthcare products, including over-the-counter drugs, supplements, personal care and cosmeceutical products.


Qualcomm Inc.

Tech company that specialises in software, services and intellectual property related to third- (3G), fourth- (4G) and fifth-generation (5G) wireless technologies. Qualcomm’s products are used in mobile and other wireless and connected devices, including automotive, computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and networking.


RCM Technologies Inc.

Business and tech solutions provider to some of the world’s largest companies, in industries like aerospace, defence, energy, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and distribution, technology and the public sector.


Roku Inc.

Consumer electronics manufacturer that creates digital media players for video streaming. Roku’s platform enables users to personalise their content, including ad-supported channels like CBS News and Vice; subscription channels like HBO Now, Hulu and Netflix; and transactional channels like Amazon Video and Google Play. Inc.

Cloud-based enterprise software company delivering customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development. Its focus is on mobile, social, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence technologies.


Shopify Inc.

Cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Shopify reports that more than one million businesses in about 175 countries use its merchant solutions software.


Slack Technologies Inc.

Software company offering a team communication tool that facilitates simple notifications to complex internal workflows. Slack was acquired by Salesforce in 2020.


Snap Inc.

Camera and social media company best known for its flagship mobile apps Snapchat and Bitmoji. Snap also develops and manufactures Spectacles smartglasses.


Spotify Technology SA

Through its Free and Premium models, this Luxembourg-based digital audio streaming service company offers digital copyright restricted recorded music and podcasts from record labels and media companies, with a library of over 60 million songs.


Square Inc.

US-based financial services and mobile payment company with operations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. Square’s commerce ecosystem enables sellers to start, run and grow their businesses via the Square Point of Sale mobile app.


Starbucks Corp.

The world’s largest coffeehouse chain. Starbucks is a global coffee roaster and retailer over 32 000 stores in more than 80 international markets.






Tencent Music Entertainment

Chinese online music entertainment platform offering online music, online karaoke and live streaming services. TME’s apps, including QQ Music, Kugou Music and WeSing, claim more than 800 million active users.


Tesla Inc.

American electric vehicle and clean energy company that designs, manufactures and sells e-vehicles and solar energy generation and storage products. Tesla’s cars include the Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X.


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

This Israeli-based multinational pharmaceutical company is regarded as the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. Teva Pharmaceuticals produces generics, specialty and over-the-counter (OTC) products, and sells active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to third parties.


Tilray Inc.

Multinational pharmaceutical company focused on medical cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis products.


The Trade Desk Inc.

Global tech company with a self-service platform that enables clients to purchase and manage digital advertising campaigns across various formats. TTD is the world’s biggest independent demand-side platform.


Twilio Inc.

US cloud communications platform-as-a-service company which enables developers to build, scale and operate real-time communications within software applications. Its software lets developers embed voice, messaging, video and authentication capabilities into their applications through its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


Twitter Inc.

Global microblogging and social networking service with an estimated 320-million-plus active users. Its Twitter platform enables public self-expression and conversation in real time.


Uber Technologies Inc.

US-based ridesharing, food delivery, courier and vehicle-for-hire company with presence in over 900 global metropolitan areas. With an estimated 78 million monthly active users, Uber is a pioneer in the sharing economy.


UP Fintech Holding Ltd

Online brokerage firm focusing on global Chinese investors. Known as Tiger Brokers in Asia, the company’s trading platform allows investors to trade on multiple exchanges around the world.


Verizon Communications

American multinational telecoms conglomerate with a rare dual listing (on both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ). Its Verizon Wireless subsidiary is the second-largest wireless communications service provider in the United States.


Visa Inc.

Multinational financial services corporation facilitating electronic funds transfers via credit, debit and prepaid cards. Visa is the dominant card payment company outside of China.


The Walt Disney Company

Global entertainment conglomerate best known for its media networks, film and television studios and theme parks. Disney currently owns TV networks like ESPN, National Geographic and Disney Channel, as well as streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu.


Weibo Corp.

Social media platform for Chinese-language content. Weibo’s platform offers real-time microblogging, social interactions and a messaging service.


Wells Fargo & Co.

American diversified financial services company, with operations in community banking, wholesale banking, and wealth and investment management. It provides other financial services via its subsidiaries, including mortgages, consumer finance, equipment leasing, agricultural finance, commercial finance, securities brokerage, investment banking and more.


Western Digital Corp.

Data storage company focusing on the design and manufacturing of storage devices, data centre systems and cloud storage services.


Zoom Video Communications

US-based communications technology company offering tele-conferencing, tele-commuting, distance education and video calling services. After growing into a “unicorn” company ($1-billion valuation before its IPO), Zoom grew its presence even further during the global COVID-19 lockdowns.








Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1

Tracks the NASDAQ 100 Index, which includes the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ based on market cap.


iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF

Tracks an index composed of short-term US Treasury bonds, with remaining maturities between one and three years.


iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF

Offers exposure to intermediate-term US Treasury bonds by tracking an index composed of bonds with remaining maturities between seven and 10 years.


iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund

Offers exposure to long-term US Treasury bonds, tracking the investment results of an index composed of those bonds with remaining maturities greater than 20 years.


iShares International Treasury Bond ETF

Tracks an index composed of government bonds issued by the governments of developed market countries around the world, excluding the United States.


iShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF

Offers exposure to US dollar-denominated government bonds issued by more than 30 emerging market countries.


iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index Fund

Tracks the investment results of an index composed of equities in large and mid-sized companies in emerging and developed Asian countries, excluding Japan.


ProShares UltraPro QQQ ETF

Seeks daily investment results that correspond to triple the daily performance of its underlying benchmark, the NASDAQ-100 Index.


SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust

Seeks to track the price and yield of the S&P 500 Index, which comprises 500 stocks spanning approximately 24 industry groups.


Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury ETF

Tracks the performance of the Bloomberg Barclays US Treasury 3-10 Year Bond Index, which has an intermediate-term dollar-weighted average maturity.


You are reading part 2 of the A-Z of global companies to invest in on Shyft. Read part 1 here


Shyft is an app for global citizens in South Africa. It helps you buy, send and store local and foreign currency anytime, anywhere directly from your mobile phone. Visit or your app store to download the app.



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Please add Illumina Inc. as a share option. This is regarded as the "company of the future" . Give us South Africans an opportunity to invest in the early stages of it's growth.