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The Africa Forum is coming soon
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

With the world in a state of economic turmoil, Africa is one place, which is still experiencing positive growth, offering endless investment opportunities. Standard Bank is passionate about improving the state of the African continent and so we are proud to announce that the Standard Bank Africa Forum is around the corner (27-29 October).

This event performs the all-important task of informing potential investors all about the opportunities of investing in emerging economies within the African continent and abroad. The conference also serves to connect these investors with heads of industry, members of government and regulators from all over Africa. The Africa Forum will explore the potential behind the common interest that is investing in emerging economies.

The Conference, formally known as the Standard Bank Emerging Financial Markets Conference, celebrates its 13th annual conference and promotes the importance and endless opportunities available to those who invest on the continent. Some of these potentially flourishing investment avenues include oil, gas, power, mining, metals and telecoms and media.

This conference will be held in Cape Town, at the Cape Town International Conference Centre from 27 to 29 October 2009. Some of the speakers who will be attending this year’s conference include the following:
• Christopher Gardner
• James Kynge
• Nouriel Roubini

For more information contact Alexandra Canavan (Project Manager) on +27 82 572 0117.
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