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The Top Posts of 2013
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Last year, we launched this blog and have received a lot of feedback on how useful you have found it and what more to do.

We have shared posts on various topics from how to better manage personal finances, saving for your children to writing a business plan and with each post on this list getting well over a thousand reads, that tells us that you get a lot of value from it.

The posts below were the most popular posts throughout the year in ascending order:

20. Not too late to make financial resolutions
Resolutions are a great motivation to make positive changes but there is no point in setting goals if you don’t stick with them and can’t afford to achieve them:

19. Stanbic IBTC AFCON trophy tour reawakens passion and emotions
Nigerians were thrilled to get close to the AFCON trophy and share in our team's success, as we helped relive the moments that gave us bragging rights as champions of Africa for the next two years:

18. An African Holiday - Why You Should Go To Kenya
Our guest blogger recommends an African holiday in Kenya:

17. Practical money-saving tips for your household
The tips here are some of the most impactful steps you can take toward sustainable living and significant savings:

16. Great things to note for a remarkable Ramadan...and beyond
During Ramadan, we shared a few things on how to the greatest value from the season

15. #HealthIsWealth: What you need to know about Cholera. Plus, tips to stay safe
We explained what cholera is and how to ensure you are safe from it during the cholera outbreak last year:

14. Financial advice to my 18 year old self
At 18, you probably only cared about studying or partying and knew Dad, Mom or guardian would take care of your basic needs. So we did some soul-searching and here is what we would say to that teenager we used to be:

13. What You Need To Know About USSD Mobile Banking
Being the first bank to let you access your bank account by just dialing *909# meant a lot to us. Judging by how well received this post that explained the basics was, we see it meant a lot to you too:

12. Manage your holiday finances in 6 easy steps
We shared a few tips from Nimi Akinkungbe for managing your holiday finances and still have lots of fun:

11. Making you smile as we move you forward
We launched a new brand advertising campaign using TV, radio and print and this post was showed the video ad and contains a few words from our CEO

10. These Are The Reasons Personal Budgets Often Fail
In order to get you through the budgeting process and help you follow your budget a little better, we took a look at why personal budgets often fail:

9. What glass ceiling? Stanbic IBTC’s women know no bounds
We celebrated International Women’s day profiling Yewande Sadiku from our investment banking business:

8. 5 things to check for the mid-year review of your personal finances
We did a check-in for your personal finances in the middle of last year. In January, you had a clean slate and planned to start afresh; did you list the financial goals you wished to accomplish that year? When was the last time you reviewed those goals? Take an hour to study your finances this weekend. If you’ve made some progress in even two or three of the goals in this blog, that is progress.

7. Net worth versus net income
What is the difference between your net worth and your net income? This post explores the two concepts with some very useful tips

6. Financial tips on buying a new car
To guide you through the process of buying a car and getting financing for it, we shared this blog post that touched on insurance, maintenance and your budget for the car

5. Splurge on love the cost effective way
Our Valentine's Day-themed post focused on how to keep the love flowing all year around, without breaking the bank.

4. 5 ways to show kindness without hurting your budget
How can you increase your ability to give without hurting your own financial situation? The answer may lie in building kindness into your budget. Check out our list of 5 things you can do to give generously without affecting your own budget:

3. Saving for your children
When it comes to saving, children have a huge advantage over adults; the earliest gifts have time to grow and they can benefit from the magic of compound returns.

2. 5 money lessons to teach children
Want your child to be money-savvy like Warren Buffet? To most children, real-life money is just as abstract as the pretty notes that come with their monopoly game. They know Mom and Dad have cash, but they’re not really sure where the money comes from. So how can you teach children the value of a naira? Read on:

1. A simple guide to writing a business plan
Our most popular blogpost asks key questions to consider when writing a business plan. A good business plan defines what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. If you intend to access finance or credit for suppliers, you will need a good business plan and will need to read this: