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This Women’s Month, let’s #HearHerVoice
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We have partnered with 3 of South Africa’s most talented female photographers to create a visual representation of the daily existence of the women in SA, captured through their reflections.  


We are focusing on content that tells the exceptional and inspirational stories of South African women.   


At the end of the project, we plan to auction these pieces off and donate the proceeds to one of the worthy causes supported by Standard Bank’s CSI initiatives.  


Meet our photographers 


Andy Mkosi is a freelance photographer, videographer, musician and co-founder of inclusive creative network Jam That Session. Andy has been described as ‘using art to reflect and interpret life as it exists both outside and behind her eyes’.   


Saaleha Bamjee is a photographer and writer, who has an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University. She describes herself as ‘a visual raconteur; a documenter of the everyday, and of the extraordinary’. Aside from her work as a photographer, she is also an award-winning short-story author and poet.  


Alet Pretorius is an award-winning visual artist and photojournalist who says that her work ‘broadens my view of the world. Being a photojournalist, you are put in unfamiliar situations. Recording such events gives you a better understanding of other people, cultures and events’.   


These 3 creatives will be telling the stories of an assortment of phenomenal women: businesswomen and musicians, artists and entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders and medical professionals. Each one of these ordinary people has an extraordinary story to tell.  


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