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Three ways to change your electronic account payment limit
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor

You've worked out just how much you need to pay your beneficiaries each month then… an unexpected expense crops up and you need to pay for right now. You hop onto your Internet banking only to see that you've nearly used up your monthly electronic account payment (EAP) limit. What to do?

You have three options.

1. Call 0860 123 000

You may immediately and at any time increase your limit using our secure voice service, select the Internet banking option and follow the prompts. You will need to enter the number on the card that you use to register for Internet banking.

Holders of Prestige and Private Banking accounts have the option of calling their respective contact centres during their operating hours:

Prestige Line - 0860 001 321 (weekdays 8am-9pm, Saturdays 8am-4pm, Sundays and public holidays 8am-midday)
Private Banking Line - 0860 123 101 (weekdays 8am-9pm, Saturdays 8am-4pm, Sundays and public holidays 8am-midday).

2. Send a secure message

Send a secure message to your branch by selecting the “Profile” option once you are logged onto your Internet banking facility. This request will only be actioned after two working days.

3. Visit one of our branches

You may go into one of our branches to reset your limit. Please remember to take your identity document.

We do as much as we can to ensure your money is secure. You too have a responsibility. It is in your own interest to remember to keep your computer and banking information secure. As such, you should keep your EAP as low as practically possible to you.

Visit for more tips on secure banking.
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Add another way please, via the android app. I almost exclusively use the app now
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Also need this option on Android please.

The app seems to offer the function, but then gives an error message saying "this service is tenporarily unacailable", however it has never worked. It would be a great convenience if I could set my eap limit in the app. 

Community Coordinator

Hi estellevdheever, 


The setting of the EAP limit functionality was available. However, has been temporarily removed. Our developer are still in talks about making this offering available via the app again. 


It was a rather Frustrating experience dealing with your untrained employers 

i spent just under 1 hour this morning on 2 calls. Waiting to be connected, over 10 min each time. 

Both calls were to increase the limit over R1Mill. Only the second employer informed me that it could not be done, I had to go to the bank. At the bank I waited another 20 min. 

Prestige banking would do it, but I am not employed full time and needed to reduce the banking fees, so I down graded to Gold. My conclusion "this is a very poor quality of gold" not worth keeping! 

J laranjo


[email protected]