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‘Tis the season to be jolly, not broke
Community Manager

The holiday season can leave one feeling anxious in regards to finances; the pressure to give your family a great holiday often outweighs the well laid out plans that you had in mind. There are gifts to buy, holidays to consider, excursions to be had and a host of other unplanned things that come up, all of which need money. But fret not, you can still give your family a great holiday without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways you can still give your family a memorable holiday.

Who says you can’t have a holiday right in the comfort of your own home? If you don’t have enough money to go off on holiday, get the kids together and come up with a ‘staycation’ plan. Whether it’s camping in the backyard or hosting a barbeque, having a holiday at home can be a fun and quite affordable option.

Upcountry appeal
Make a trip upcountry to visit the kids’ grandparents over the holiday season. Carry loads of games and have an activity plan to make sure the kids don’t get bored. Going upcountry can be turned into an adventure-filled trip, and what’s better, the kids get the chance to bond with their extended family and know more about their roots.

Be a local tourist
There are many hidden and not-so-hidden gems within our country’s borders, and a lot of them are quite budget-friendly. Book holidays way in advance to get the best deals!

Step 1, pick a town or city in Kenya.
Step 2, look for deals on accommodation and transport.
Step 3, look up the attractions you would want to visit.
Step 4, travel and explore.

Place a limit on gift expenditure
Take the pressure off the time-honoured tradition of holiday gifting by placing a cap on the amount each person should spend on a gift. That way, you eliminate the stress of wondering if your gifts will match to what the rest will get.

Share the cost
Get a package deal with friends and/or family. Sharing the cost of a large holiday villa works out much cheaper than booking individual rooms in a hotel.

Keep it frugal
Avoid the ‘extras’ that come with travel, such as carrying extra luggage, eating/drinking from the mini-bar in the hotel room, paying for laundry services if you didn’t carry enough clothes to last the entire period or relying on taxi services throughout the trip. These seemingly inconsequential things do pile up and can add a hefty sum to your holiday spend.