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Today’s storm warning calls for urgent property caution
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A week’s worth of rain is a welcome relief after one of our usually dry winters – and especially after our recent countrywide drought. But with heavy rain comes property damage to much-loved homes and cars, and sometimes even danger if you’re travelling on a wet, slippery highway.


At Standard Insurance Limited, we know that you can never be too prepared in case of a coming storm; once it hits, it’s easy to forget the tried-and-tested ways to keep yourself, your family and your property safe. We’ve put together a few tips to act as a checklist as today’s bad weather moves closer, keeping you, your belongings, and, most critically, your loved ones safer:


  • Ensure electrical equipment is disconnected from sockets to avoid electrical-surge damage
  • Check that your roof does not have broken or loose tiles that will allow water to enter your house
  • Check your property for any loose material and tie down (or fill with water) all large, relatively light items, such as rubbish bins
  • Ensure that roof gutters are clean and unclogged, so water doesn’t seep onto ceilings
  • Keep your windows shut to prevent them from being hit by hail or shattered by high winds.

If you’re driving, we suggest the following:


  • Ensure your vehicles' fuel tanks are full
  • Reduce speed and increase your following gap to a three-car distance
  • Turn headlights on, so you can be seen
  • In need, pull off the road safely and activate your car’s hazard lights
  • Don’t park under trees, as there is a risk of falling branches and debris
  • Ensure windscreen wipers are in good condition, so they can cope with sudden downpours
  • Never get out of your vehicle, because of possible injury from hailstones
  • Don’t attempt to drive through water washing across the road, or across low-water bridges; 15cm of rapidly moving water is all it takes to wash away a car.


While it’s impossible to change the weather, you can protect your belongings as much as possible, and make sure they’ll be replaced through insurance if damaged. If your property is damaged during this week’s rainy weather, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll try to make sure your life continues as normal ASAP.


Standard Insurance Limited


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