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Unpacking the impact of early Debit Orders in December
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The festive season brings with it many changes to our regular routines. To accommodate the holiday season, many employers choose to pay their employees earlier than usual, while others are also pay bonuses at this time of the year, impacting regular monthly budgets. During this time, it’s easy for one to get caught up in the spirit of the season, causing us to overspend and risking our regular debit order payments later in the month. In order to make it easier and more convenient for you over this period, we may adjust debit orders to run earlier than usual, on select loan accounts this December. This will impact some customers who have given the bank authority for a flexible debit mandate, which means your monthly debit order date or amount may change. This service is particularly, useful when you receive your salary on irregular dates and want to avoid failed debits and the associated penalties.


This service applies to select loan accounts including;

  • Access Loan
  • Revolving Credit Plan (RCP)
  • Advance Account
  • Student Loan
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance
  • Home Loan and
  • Card debit orders


In the event that you do not have any money in the account on the new date (i.e. your salary has not yet been deposited), your debit order will continue to be processed as per the usual debit order date and the normal debit order processes will apply.

Provided the debit order is successfully paid on the usual date, NO unpaid debit order fee will apply for non-payments. January debit orders will resume as per the normal debit order date.


Should you have any queries, please see our FAQs here or call us on 0860 123 001

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Clients should have the option  Of giving permission for you to still do this.... Not just be notified.... The funds in the account might be for another purpose and then taken by the bank without the option of it being returned... Not everyone and all get paid earlier during December

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Hi sorry for posting here but I need an answer ASAP, how much will the penalty fee be if I decide to cancel my fixed deposit account?

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Hi @Forg5 


Thanks for your feedback.


This service is only instated where a customer has an existing flexible debit mandate on their account. Standard Bank would not process the debit unless it is clear that funds reflecting are from a salary payment.

Should you feel that you've been incorrectly debited, please contact us on 0860 123 000 so that we can assist with resolving this, which may include a reversal and reprocessing the debit order on the regular day.


Hope this helps!

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Hi @Tshegofatso92 


You can view all the Fees and Pricing for Investment accounts over here;