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Want To Learn A New Skill In 2015? These 5 Principles Will Help You Get Started
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Do you plan to acquire a new skill this year? Learning a new skill gives you access to new opportunities and can greatly increase your earning potential. A skill is an acquired ability, used to smoothly carryout complex activities. It can be hard but if you follow these 5 principles, you should find that it’s easier.

1. Be ready
Everyone learns best when they are ready to learn - prepare yourself physically and mentally. If you can identify a clear objective and a definite reason to acquire a new skill, then it will be easy for you to push through.

2. Commitment is key
You must commit yourself to the learning process and this takes time. Decide on the number of hours you will commit each day to learning the skill. Set a learning goal and milestones, set a schedule and stick to it.

3. Engage the power of your imagination
Imagination is your ability to form mental scenes of events that do not exist or have not happened yet. A mental picture of yourself performing a skill boosts your morale and confidence to learn that skill. As far as the brain is concerned, imagining yourself doing something is almost the same thing as actually doing it.

4. Get all the help you need
Getting help can significantly increase the rate at which you learn new skills. You should get help from someone who has already acquired the skill you hope to gain or browse the web for online resources that can teach you that skill.

5. Evaluate yourself regularly
As you learn a new skill, it is vital to track your progress by evaluating yourself and your competence level. Remember to use the goals and milestones you set for yourself from the onset as a benchmark when evaluating yourself and use these to make definite decisions on how you intend to do better.

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