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We came, we saw and we Koppi’d
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This past long weekend (8, 9, 10 August) saw the gathering of music lovers from all around the country on a farm just outside of the town of Northam in Limpopo. Headline acts like Yellowcard and Deftones, as well as so many of South Africa’s best all jam-packed into one festival - a true celebration of music.

The campsite surrounding the festival area was filled with the most entertaining and eccentric collection of individuals. People dressed up in crazy costumes, painted cars, old caravans and so many tents! Music was constantly pulsing from the campsite and the genres varied from hard rock, to soft pop and thumping electro music.

What is there to say about the people that were at Koppi?

It was amazing how accommodating and friendly everyone was. We got lost on the way to Northam and after struggling with our maps, a random person stopped along side us and said, “Is julle op pad koppi toe?” We responded with a solid, “Ja” and they happily told us to follow them all the way to Koppi. Good people! Whilst we were at the festival we made so many new friends; people who just wanted to hang out and learn more about who you are, your experiences and were always keen to party.

The festival was cashless again this year. The PayU wallet system is a tap to pay solution that was very successful at Oppikoppi. The queues moved very quickly.The only instance wherequeues took a long time were at certain food stalls. People were also very happy to use their Samsumg phones in the festival areas to pay using NFC. Many people did not want to lose their phones whilst partying, so the PayU cards were, hands down, the most popular way to pay for anything.

The Music

This festival is a celebration of music with a major focus on South African bands. The international acts – Deftones, Yellowcard and Robert Delong were all incredible, but the South African artists owned the festival. Some of our favourite acts:

Mango Groove – First time at Koppi and everyone was loving their music!
Goodnight Wembley – A new act, but definitely have an amazing sound!
Jeremy Loops – A loop artist that make positive soulful music. He had a huge audience and everyone was singing along to all of his music and dancing non stop.
ISO – A truly talented performance. ISO had a very unique sound and amazing musical ability.
Fuzigish – Alternative funk which made you want to dance.
Jack Parrow – A surprise act after he was “detained” last Wednesday (7 August 2013). He had an amazing entrance and was brought onto stage in a police car after no one thought he would actually make it.
Koos Kombuis and Bittereinder – The legend of Afrikaans music did an amazing collaboration with Bittereinder.
The Red Bull Sound Studio – An amazing after party every night ran until 5am. The studio featured the likes of Pascal and Pearce, Neskerone and many more electro DJ’s. This was definitely one of the best parties at the festival.

There was so much great music, non-stop for 3 full days. Once you get used to the dust and not showering (as often as you normally would) and you allow yourself to enjoy the music and the people, Oppikoppi becomes an incredible experience.

We had an amazing time at Oppikoppi BewilderBeast 2013.

Have a look at some of the pictures from the festival:
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