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Welcome to bloggers from China
Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
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We are excited to be able to meet face-to-face a group of influential bloggers from China to the Standard Bank Group head office today.

The bloggers are visiting South Africa to find out more about the country so they may present their perceptions to their followers in China and around the world.

During their visit to Standard Bank Group’s head office they will hear more about our history, business and social media activities.
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Standard Bank Team
Super Contributor
The bloggers cover a variety of subjects from business, society, culture and media to Internet, science and technology. Their trip is was coordinated by the South Africa Mission in Beijing. These are some of the bloggers from China.

Ping Ke 平客 and Steven Lin (Flypig) 飞猪
Microblogs: and
This duo are well known in Internet circles for their audio podcast at They have not updated in a long time, but a series of podcasts almost live from South Africa would be very well received in China's media and Internet circles. In addition, both of them have popular microblogs (Twitter type mini blogs) on Sina.

William Long
Widely-followed tech blogger, influential in Internet and IT industries.

Internet and tech blogger with a huge Feedburner and Feedsky readership.
Also on Twitter:

Internet celebrity.
Currently the third most popular celebrity blogger on Sina, and the only one to have drawn his celebrity entirely from his blog. Initially enshrouded in mystery and the subject of speculation about behind-the-scenes hit-count manipulation, Acosta has since gone on to publish a volume of essays and impress at least a segment of the literary establishment with his writing abilities. (English sample here: )

Beijing Female Patient (北京女病人)
A popular female blogger who works in the media, her blogs centre on her personal life, but has a huge following.

Chun Sue 春树
Microblog (which she uses more frequently):
Famously the author of Beijing Doll (2002), Chun Sue supposedly wrote the first "cruel youth" novel in China, published when she was 17. She regularly blogs and microblogs on Sina and is very popular with the generation of Chinese people born after 1980.
Contact: "Chunsue" ,

Shi Zhao
China Wikipedia programmer and blogger. Well known for being part of a team who conducts the Chinese Bloggers Conference every year.
Contact: @shizao on Twitter, [email protected], 13691189514

Andrew Yu (安猪)
The founder of one of the more well-known NGOs in China, 1kg which encourages city youth when they go on holiday to the countryside to take school supplies for rural schools. Andrew Yu has a background in the sciences but has turned his organization into more of a commercial model than purely not-for-profit. However, his company's blog on NGOs is very widely followed.

Mr Sean Shu,
General Manager & Chief Editor of Da Qi, the biggest Chinese community website (

Ms Vina
Bloger of Douban Website, one of the most popular websites in China, some of her blogs are listed as following:
my douban:
my blog:,29430488.shtml,25076769.shtml,24160305.shtml,22922562.shtml,24652623.shtml,24584983.shtml,19787776.shtml

Mr Wang Jilu
Deputy Chief Director of Netease,
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Welcome to Africa
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