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What if I can’t afford my home loan anymore?
Community Coordinator

Personal finances are hard to talk about at the best of times, and financial distress is a subject many of us prefer to avoid. For homeowners, hard times include the fear of losing their homes, due to unpaid home loan instalments.


Very often, when home loan re-payments become too much, we react in different ways. Some of us may deny that there’s a problem, hoping that it will all work out in the end, or we try to solve it through additional credit, or worse, sign-up with unscrupulous lenders. All the while, we are charged interest, incur fees and our credit scores are affected.


Standard Bank is here to help you when you are in distress. In actual fact yearly, Standard Bank assists its home loans customers in distress with over 77 000 payment breaks or lower payments and 79 000 restructures and term changes which allow customers to recover arrears and reduce monthly repayments. Other than more short term programs to assist customers there is a way to avoid the anxiety of a more long issues in paying.


Standard Bank’s EasySell is a solution for homeowners in distress. Over the past 3 years the EasySell program has assisted over 4000 customers save close to R3.6bn in debt. Through EasySell, we provide homeowners who are in financial distress help with selling their property, settling their home loan and guidance on rehabilitating their credit record. You may even gain additional cash flow to rebuild your wealth.


Remember, giving the bank timeous notification of the problem can make all the difference. After all;


  • It is in the bank’s best interest to help you pay off your bond,
  • You are not the first person to find yourself in this situation, there are products and processes for exactly these circumstances, and
  • Acting as quickly as possible before things spiral out of control can save your finances, and your credit record.


Whether you’ve already missed a few re-payments, or you are concerned that you are about to, contact us to assist.


For more information on EasySell, please visit;

Alternatively, to initiate the EasySell process, you can;


  • SMS the word “Assist” and your account number to 3149,
  • Email us at [email protected] or
  • Call us at 0860 007 724