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Why investors are flocking to Zambia
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In the Africa rising narrative, much is always said about the continent’s current stars: Ethiopia’s high population is driving a consumer boom, Mozambique is developing as a potential energy centre and Angola’s oil is fuelling notable economic growth. Most people would stop there, believing they have covered the current south-east Africa investment surge. But what about Zambia? The resource-rich nation offers numerous benefits to investors, as outlined by the European Times.



Political stability:

For over fifty years, Zambia has maintained a stable political system. The current administration has been implementing measures to promote transparency in government, attract private-sector investment and ensure that economic growth equals overall upliftment.


Natural resources:

Zambia is rich in copper, coal, iron, oil and gas, and iron. However, extracting these requires electricity, and Zambia is currently struggling with a shortage. To remedy this, the government is turning to other abundant resources - water and sunlight: The country possesses 6 000MW worth of energy from hydropower and has recently introduced a feed-in tariff system to make solar-power projects attractive to investors.


Access to markets

As a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Zambia is strategically placed.


Investor-friendly environment:

According to the World Bank, Zambia is one of the world’s countries most open to foreign-equity ownership, a fact reflected in its lack of exchange controls. The country also continues to develop its business climate by reducing ‘red tape’ and encouraging competitiveness in the private sector.


No foreign-exchange controls

These were abolished more than 20 years ago, and foreign investors can also take advantage of 100% repatriation of profits, floating currency rates and market-led interest rates. (Source:



These include no corporate taxes for five years following an investment’s first profits; tax on only 50% of profits during years six to eight; and tax on only 75% of profits during years nine and 10.


Thriving private sector

Zambia has upheld an open market to preserve the private sector, as growth will be fuelled mainly by privately owned enterprises and the jobs they create.


Quality of life

Lastly, Zambia is one of the safest nations on the continent, and one of the most beautiful. With diverse cultures, and world-class educational and healthcare services in urban areas, the landlocked country is a choice destination to locate a business, branch or family.


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